14 February 2011


There's nothing like finishing a project. Especially if it took you 519 days to complete. (Or 1 year and 5 months.) Well, it didn't really take me that long. I just took breaks from my project, aka forgot about it. Oh, what did I make? A giant blanket.

When my brother moved to Bonaire four or so years ago, he acquired a new friend, who has been known to be called his "soulmate" despite both of them being in relationships with girls.  Gary Jr. and Kyle honestly fit together like they've been BFFs for yeeeears. Anywho, moving along, Gary Jr. has become like family. One of the weekends we all were at Mom and Dad's house, Gary saw me crocheting an afghan for Brian. He asked me what I was doing and was absolutely fascinated with it. He watched and talked with me for a little while, then went back to drinking beer with my brother. A few weekends later, he came back up, and I was still hauling ass on Brian's blanket, and he very politely asked if he could pay me for an afghan or "one of them yarn blankets." I agreed, and told him I'd find some yarn and see if he agreed on a price.
About a month later, I stumbled into Michael's with a coupon of 20% off everything, and face first into a yarn sale. And there it was. 16 skeins of man colored yarn, in Lion Brand's Thick and Quick Chenille. And at $1.50 a skein with 20% off of everything? Perfect. I told Mom what I was doing, and refused to let Gary Jr. pay for it. So off I went, with my P (11.5mm) hook in hand, and started. I got a good chunk done at my old job I had at a marina. Every Sunday, 10 hours of nothing but random customers, internet giggles, homework and crochet. Then, it started getting hot in Georgia, and I had to put it away. This afghan is WARM. So, I'd break it out every winter, and work some more on it.

So, finally, within these past few trips to Mom and Dad's (where I left it) I have finished it. I've finished this monstrous "Manly Blanket" yesterday. I am so pleased with myself. It's 6ftX5ft +/- and WARM. Here's hoping that Gary Jr will like his blanket, along with his girlfriend and dog.

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