22 February 2011

I heart four day weekends.

I'm now officially internet famous. My brilliant friend Kate, has interviewed me, and put it up on her blog! I'm incredibly flatted, and now I'm feeling the pressure to write more often now. You should follow her. She's awesome and you won't be disappointed.

Brian had a four day weekend this week, thanks to President's Day, and so I asked him if he'd be interested in exploring Louisville. He agreed, and we planned it for Monday. Awesome. So Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we laid around in our PJs watching cartoons, playing video games, and eating Cap'n Crunch. I colored and crocheted, too! It was an awesome relaxing weekend. So, Monday comes around, and we get ready, grab a box of Girl Scout cookies and we're off! Our first stop? The Louisville Slugger museum.

Babe Ruth's bat. He'd carve a notch in it every time he'd hit a home run.
Little known fact about me. I like baseball. I don't follow it religiously, but I know how to play it, I know how it works, and I like the atmosphere of seeing a game live. There is nothing like watching a baseball game in a stadium. So, when we walk into the museum, I get all giggly, because it's baseball themed. (Duh.) We purchase our tickets (military members get in free!) and watch a 20 minute movie about baseball narrated by, who else? James Earl Jones. I think it was called "The Heart of the Game" but I could be wrong. After the movie, the screen rises, and we walk through doors behind it into a mini museum. It's got an explanation on how the Hillerich & Bradsby Co. went from making furniture to making bats. Then, it's got random facts, artifacts, and an area where you can hold bats that famous players have used, like Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey, Jr, and two others I can't remember. You have to wear gloves, though. There's also various other bats in drawers that you can look at, and it shows you the progression of how the bats were made, etc. etc. After about five minutes of wandering around, we're called to the factory tour. Sadly, we cannot take pictures of the factory, because we might be spies. We get to see how the bats are carved from the billets, how they're polished, dyed, etc. It's loud and fascinating all at once. My favorite part of the tour? The three month old infant that slept through the entire thing. I wish I had that kind of sleeping power. At the end, the tour guide thanks us all, and gives us mini Louisville Sluggers. Pretty cool, huh? We wander around the museum a bit more, then head over to: The Louisville Science Center.

What's the trouble with Tribbles?
Currently, on display at the Louisville Science Center is: Star Trek. Brian likes Star Trek "for the explosions and Seven of Nine's outfit." Moving along, they had costumes on display along with props and the various ships they used. Another exhibit that I couldn't take photos in.There was also a lot of wordy plaques that described everything. It was fun and neat, and I'm sure all the Trekkies were thrilled to see it. After that was over, we wandered through the four story museum looking at various things, knocking over each other's foam buildings, and just acting like big kids. It was an okay science museum. The one in Atlanta, that's now closed, SciTrek, was a whole helluva lot cooler. After messing around in the gift shop (there was a basket full of Tribbles) we headed out for my Hard Rock Cafe shirt and some noms.

I collect Hard Rock Cafe shirts. Yes, it is a random thing to collect, but it's what I collect, and I find it makes a great souvenir, too. I think I have 16 now. So, we head to Fourth Street Live, and see that the Borders there is closing. I find some stationary that I like, and Brian, of course, finds the magazines. After that, we head to the Hard Rock, where we decide to eat, too. I have to say, I haven't eaten at a Hard Rock in a while, but their burgers were mildly disappointing and not worth the $12.95. Oh well. Maybe it's just the Louisville one. After dinner, I gather my shirt, and we run to the car in the rain.

Overall, I had a great time, even though Brian was only slightly impressed with everything. I mean, after you've fired a real tank, I guess everything else is just "meh."


  1. Who doesn't like 7 of 9's outfit?!?!?!

  2. A basket full of Tribbles! I want one! Maybe not in my house though...