01 March 2011

Amber's Adventures in Frying

For this first time, last night, I fried. By myself. Unsupervised. "Wait, what?! How is this your first time frying? Aren't you from The South?" You may be asking. Growing up, my mom, grandma or aunt would do the frying. I'd stand on my little stool, peering over their shoulders, watching the grease sizzle, and then stealing the offerings, before one of them could pop my hand away. As I grew older, my parents learned that frying was terrible for you, so our frying was reduced to only when my aunt would visit. Then, we'd get fried okra.

So, brought on by nostalgia and the meat being on sale, I attempted frying cubed steak for the first time. Suggestion: Go ahead and open all your windows and turn on the fan. Smoke will fill a tiny apartment in minutes flat. Oh yes. I was thoroughly frying away when my eyes started water and I turned around and realized that it was awfully smokey. My husband, very graciously, stopped studying and packing to help open windows. The smoke was gone within minutes, thankfully. Overall, I'd like to say, it was successful. And behold, there it is to the right. Yeah, it looks like burnt tater tots, but it was delicious. You can see the half where the oil was fresh, and then the other half, when I realized that changing the oil WAS necessary. Whoops. Anywho, this meat is man approved, and so I'm proud to add it to my "Make This Again" book. Along with the meat, I had mashed potatoes and sauteed zucchini. It was also my first time working with zucchini last night, also. I thought they turned out well. My husband said it kinda tasted like pickles, but I hate pickles. And I enjoyed it. So, whatever. But, I feel it was a success.

om nom nom nom

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