26 March 2011

Ba dum dedum.

For a month or two, I have been in search for a non-flowery-heart-dove-frilly doused cross stitch wedding sampler. I couldn't find one. I googled every possible thing I could think of. Nothing. Then it hit me. Etsy! Duh. I don't even remember what I searched, but I found it. The most perfect wedding cross stitch piece ever. And it could be customized.
Witness my first experience with French knots.

Perfect! Well, I cut off the part that says our name and our wedding date, because I'm trying to retain SOME privacy on the internet. You know. Slightly anonymous. But, this was really easy. Beginner level. It took me about five hours to complete. We actually did come with eyeballs and a mouth, but I wasn't paying attention, and I was happily stitching along before I knew what happened. So, uh, we'll be blind and mute for a while.
Now, you may be asking, where did I find such a fabulous wedding portrait that captured us (and colors) so perfectly? Why, WeeLittleStitches of course! Jacqueline was so nice and awesome, that I feel she (and her husband, Christopher) definitely deserve some recognition. Now, if you don't know anything about cross stitching, or you just don't have any time, due to other things, they'll happily stitch it for you! If you don't want anything to do with weddings, don't worry. They have things to satisfy your geeky needs. From family portraits, Super Troopers, Ferris Bueller, all four Green Lanterns, the Justice League, and of course, the entire cast of Firefly, it's all there. 

And after posting this, I just realized, I forgot to put the piece I had in my hair! And I just framed it. SILLY ME. 

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  1. I love it too much! I keep planning on taking my parents wedding photo and turning it into an embroidered piece. It's totally going on my bucket list.