31 March 2011

Day Four: Where are they now?

I have always done things for others. Back in middle school and high school, I used to go to church. A lot. Or as my dad said "every time the doors were open." Why? Because we had a great youth group and I had friends there. Every March and summer, we'd go somewhere and do some kind of mission work. Some trips, it was scraping paint off a house, others it was standing on a roof of a rickety trailer and scrubbing the mildew and muck off. Also in high school, I was apart of Key Club, where we'd help out with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross with blood drives at school. Then, I graduated, and my friends and I went separate ways. I didn't volunteer anymore. I kind of felt empty. I enjoy helping others out that need it. But, my shyness (or now known as "social anxiety") has kept me away from joining new places, because meeting new people scares the crap out of me. 

A few years later (2006 to be precise) I rediscovered crochet. Then, I discovered my grandmother's charity she was crocheting for, Knits for Kids. It seemed easy. Cranking out double crocheted sweaters? Yeah, I can do that. To this day, I have made one whole sweater. It was a horrible sweater, too. I feel terrible for the kid who has to wear it. So, I tried my hand at something else. Preemie hats! I was successful! I've make quite a few of them, but my problem is, I don't know where to donate them to. Hmm. So, then I decided I'd make hats for Chemo patients. Got a few done, and then I realized, again, I don't know where to donate them to. So, a few days ago, while I was drooling over the vendor list for Stitches South, I noticed there was a booth called Halos for Hope. Being confused about this yarn company's name, I clicked on it. It's not a yarn company, it's a non-profit organization that people donate hats for chemo patients to! I won't lie. I became very giddy. I can't wait to meet these people in a few weeks and get all the information about them and start donating all my hats I've made! And then I can make more!

So, to answer today's question, I don't know where my donated items have gone. All I do hope is that they've helped someone smile in some way.


  1. Very inspiring. I would like to knit more for a cause. Thank you!

  2. You're welcome! And thank you. :)