28 March 2011

Day One: A Tale of Two Yarns

Or, aka:

I've decided that I'll participate! Who doesn't like expressing their opinions about yarn?

Let me tell you my love story about Squoosh. I was in a swap in 2009 and my partner's requested color was pink. I didn't have an LYS at the time, and so I looked on Etsy trying to find the perfect thing. I actually bought two pink yarns that day. One to make something out of and one to give. I purchased the Squoosh in lace, and the other in fingering. They both arrived, and me, not knowing the proper difference between weights yet, looked at the Squoosh in fingering that it arrived in, and decided that I didn't have time to crochet anything with it, so I put it in my stash and went out and bought some material and put the other yarn in the box to give to my partner. I finish my box, and go about my business, completely forgetting about the Squoosh. A month later, Erica, the owner of Squoosh emails me and says she very mistakenly sent me the wrong weight of yarn. She apologized profusely, and offered another skein of yarn at no charge for me. Free yarn? Hell yeah! She mailed me the yarn of my choice, this one:

I was pleased. Interestingly enough, I didn't use that first pink one, until November 2010, and I didn't use the blue one until the beginning of this month, where I created the Heron Shawl. This yarn, I cannot express my love for this yarn. If I had nothing but a stash of Squoosh, I think my life would be complete. Here's to you, Erica, and your brilliant Squoosh yarn.

Now a yarn I'm not fond of? Hmm. I'm going to go with Noro Kureyon. Ever since I joined Ravelry, I have seen this beautiful, gradient color yarn. I drooled over projects, I coveted that yarn. And when I found my first LYS, I promptly bought me a skein and cackled with glee. I had that yarn that I've drooled over for months. It was MINE. And it was perfect for a hat my brother had asked for Christmas. BEHOLD.

The perfect manly colored Noro yarn. I was so giddy when I wound it up. And then I started.It was a little rough, but I thought that helped with the "manlyness" of the hat. Then, it took me all of five minutes to realize that, oh crap, my hands were breaking out! Little blotchy patches were appearing, and I freaked out. I didn't realize it was the yarn. I tried again the next day, happened again. The third time, I realized it was the yarn. I was devastated. I later learned that it had mohair in it, which is a goat product, to which I'm allergic to. I was crushed. My beautiful yarn, I could not use! And I am still sad. I love looking at finished projects from Noro. They blend beautifully, and I sigh, knowing I can never make anything, nor wear anything from Noro. So, I'll just have to admire them from afar. A few months later, I realized Cashmere was a goat product, too. And then a year later, I discovered I was allergic to alpaca. What a life. D:


  1. I was coveting Noro something fierce until I felt it. I hate how scratchy it is.

    PS are you doing the whole KniCroBlo Week or just today? I'm having fun with it so far!

  2. Yeah, that didn't help the problem, either.

    I think I'm going to! I mean, I have nothing better to blog about, so why not? ;D

  3. Remind me to pick you up some Rico Yarn in 'poems'. It's their version of Noro- no mohair!!!

  4. SWEET. I'd love something that doesn't make me want to take 38475983 showers.