17 March 2011

Erin Go Blogh.

I should just add on to my previous blog post, but I'm being lazy. I finished two projects today. BEHOLD.
The crocheted version of the Ribbed Lace Bolero:


It was really easy, and turned out cute!

(Uh, blogger isn't letting me format this the way I want.) I used 1.3 skiens of Bijou Spun, which is an interesting yarn. It was really dry when I was crocheting with it, but as soon as I washed it, it softened up a whole lot!

Next, I just did these today. I was tired of my hands being cold when I do my schoolwork, so I decided to fix it. And voila! I have some handwarmers. I used some leftover Coldharbour Mill that Kate sent me. It's wonderfully squishy!

 They do the job, so far!

So far, this whole stash busting, WIP finishing thing is going well for me. :D

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