08 March 2011

Green Green Green

As I promised, everything this month has to do with green. Though, interestingly enough, it's all slowly going to blue. BUT, so far, this is what I've created

First one, was the Crocus Bud Shawl, that I originally had planned to give Emily on our Disney Cruise back in Jaunary, but we all know, that the best laid plans will go awry.

My next green item came from knowing what it's like to be jealous when one sibling got something and you didn't. So I created the Dinosaur hat for Samantha's son, Jack, who is so adorably cute. 

I made Jack this hat, based off a random hat pattern on Ravelry, and I created my own triangles and sewed them on there. Why does Jack get a big brother hat? Because, his mother, is creating him a sister. So, of course, baby things are fun to make, so Ava gets a hat, too.

A giraffe hat, of course! I got the pattern from JT Creations. It was super easy, and turned out cute. I added the bow, so people would know that Ava is a girl giraffe, not a boy giraffe. The pictures are taken by Samantha, because her photography skillz are so much better than mine. She's also a fellow crafty-person and Army wife.

Next, we have the rare species that is the crocheted four leaf clover.
I made a bunch of these for Mom one year, and I owe her a few more, so I'm going to attempt to make as many as I can before my hands fall off. These are simple to make and only need maybe a yard or two of yarn.

LASTLY is a stash busting effort. I've had some skeins of Berroco Love It in my stash since 2006, and it's been begging to be a blanket ever since. Well, now, I finally got off my ass and put the effort into it. And sadly, I have run out of yarn and Love It is...*sniff*...discontinued. I'm begging around Ravelry to see if anyone will sell any of theirs to me. If you have any of these colors, or know where I can get some, let me know, and I'll gladly pay you for them. Unfinished Blanket is Sad.

And that's all the green I have for now. Hopefully, I'll produce some more before March is over!


  1. I wish I had the attention span for more crafty things... *siiiiigh*

  2. I figured out how to get to your blog! (going through follows is kind of confusing for me)
    So now I am following you too. :)

    and we love the hats you made, and I can't wait to furnish pictures of Ava in her little giraffe hat. (maybe then Jack will let me take his picture wearing his hat. eh?)