02 March 2011

Hydration is key.

January 1st. I was all pumped up. Excited even to start P90X. I was going to get back into shape! I wasn't going to wheeze when I ran up a flight of stairs! I WAS GOING TO TOUCH MY TOES. ... er, let's have some back story.

As a kid, thanks to the Presidential Challenge, or whatever it was in the early 90's, we had PE everyday in school. It varied from line dancing, gymnastics, dodgeball, baseball, running laps, pull ups, climbing poles, badminton, the shuttle run, etc, etc. I remember running laps at least once a week. So, I was a pretty healthy kid, who just wanted her Fruity Pebbles on Saturday mornings. Of course, at home, Mom would always tell my brother and I to "Go outside and play." So, my brother and I were not fat asses. Actually, we were quite stick like. In middle school, PE was the first half of the year, and the last half of the year, was a sport. I played tennis. I wasn't fantastic at it, but I could hold my own. Then, high school attacked. My freshman year, I did PE the first half of the year, and then played volleyball the other half. I was actually good at volleyball. I just didn't care enough to excel.  And that was it. Unless you count the few exercises that we did before marching band practice. My one PE class in college was bowling. So, nonetheless, my last "good" physical activity was in 9th grade...eleven years ago. I've gained 30lbs since then. While some of it was well needed, I'm scared it'll keep coming.


So, I started P90X January 1st. I kept on it for a month, and then I went on a cruise, where I worked out a couple of times. Then I got sick on the boat, and wasn't able to do anything for a week. Tried it again, a couple of days later, and got back into it. Middle of February? Yeah, I gave up. I like P90X, don't get me wrong, but after no physical activity for eleven years, working out an hour a day was kinda rough. Yeah, yeah, no pain no gain. So, I sat on my butt for the rest of February, except for last last weekend, when my husband dragged me to the gym, and I whined the whole time, because he was making me do push ups. Well, I decided to try again yesterday.  And I did! I bought Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred about a year ago and decided to start it again. It's only a 25 minute or so work out, but it gives me what I need, and keeps my ADD in check. While I don't condone the whole "DON'T TAKE A BREAK" thing, I'll try it and let you know. So far, my arms and one thigh hurts.

Here's hoping that I can keep this 30 Day Shred up. I'd like to stop wheezing when I walk up a flight of stairs.