03 March 2011

I forgot to mention...

So get off your keesters and CRAFT CRAFT CRAFT. My theme is the color green for the month. Everything I crochet will be green or have the color green on it. Hopefully, I'll have a bunch of green things to post! Stash busting GO GO GO.

Along with that, I finally got my package from my friend Kate! We were convinced the postal workers were eating my chocolates. In this sinful package were FOUR Bounty Bars. Bounty Bars, for those of you who have never had them, are similar to the State's Almond Joys and Mounds bars. EXCEPT the Bounty Bars are milk chocolate with coconut. Delicioso. I'm hording these in a secret place. Lucky for me, Brian doesn't like coconut.
She also sent me a box of Cadbury Animals. The description says "Animal shaped biscuits half covered with Cadbury milk chocolate." Um, hell yes! It's like eating a box of cookies dipped in Cadbury Chocolate. I'm going to have to portion these out.

And lastly, but most certainly not least: Yarn!

Ooooh yeah. It's a little less than a full skein of Coldharbour Mill Organically Farmed Merino Wool. It is a delicious pea green, and I feel it's destined to become mitts of some sort.

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