03 April 2011

Day Six and Seven: Something to aspire to AND my Knitting and Crocheting time.

The weather here in Kentucky has been AMAZING. Yesterday it was 61°F, and today it's supposed to get to 75°F. AND be sunny. I'm THRILLED. This is the Spring I know. So, now that you know that, forgive me for not posting yesterday like I was supposed to. Instead, you'll get TWO posts for the price of ONE. What lucky, people, you!

First off, yesterday's post: Something to Aspire To.

Well, since I've discovered Ravelry, I've discovered that crochet is more than blankets and towel toppers (even though I still love those.) I've discovered that some lovely things CAN be created with crochet, and a few things can make my knitter friends drool. (Being that I'm constantly drooling over their projects.) Recently, I conquered one of my White Whales, creating a "sweater" (a bolero) that doesn't look like it belongs in the 1970's. And I'm thrilled to announce that it turned out perfectly. (I posted here, if you don't remember.) And it has inspired me to attempt more challenging things that I wouldn't ever dream of doing, unless I was a knitter. Because of this, I'm definitely seeking out more crochet sweater patterns. (Oh, a note. Anything made out of yarn and worn on the upper torso is a sweater to me. I realize that they all have proper names, but I'm just being lazy.) I'm really into shrugs and boleros right now,  because I'm constantly cold, and these are easy and cute to throw on. So, I'm slowly browsing Ravelry for those. Why slowly? While I have a few lots of sweater quantities for yarn, I don't always have the proper weight. So, I'm resiting until I can afford more. Moving along, my next White Whale is socks. Yes. Crocheted socks. Once again, my knitter friends have BEAUTIFUL socks (see here, here, here, here, and here [all Rav links]) So, I will attempt some crocheted socks, and perhaps show them up? Probably not, but still. I'll have SOCKS. And I love socks. I love socks so much, that I named one of my kitties growing up Socks. (Well, I mean it LOOKED like she was wearing socks, but that's besides the point.) So, to complete my very own pair? I think I would have to frame them. 
And my very next White whale? Knitting. I'll figure it out one day. Perhaps with less cussing.

Day Seven: My Knitting and Crocheting Time.

My knitting time, as seen above, involve lots of cussing, ripping, pouting and throwing things across the room, only to retrieve them and apologize profusely. Moving along.

My crochet time depends on what I'm crocheting. Something mindless? A movie, something I can actually watch and pay attention to. Something I need to concentrate on? The radio. If the TV's on, I tend to try and pay attention to it, and that normally leads me to ignore what I'm working on and screw up somewhere. I don't do anything fancy like tea or coffee (mainly because I don't drink those.) But, I'll normally have a glass of water beside me, my feet propped up, and enough time to churn out a few productive rows. Back in Georgia, when the weather was nice, I'd go sit out on the porch and listen to the birds chirp. That's peaceful. Hopefully, I can find that in my new home. In Texas.


  1. I hope you'll post your socks and other fun projects. I 'heart' Ravelry - there are AMAZING ideas and patterns.

    I know - isn't it nice to have spring coming around. In northern Illinois it's getting MUCH better (FINALLY!).

    Have a super week. I'll still by stopping by now & then.

  2. I will! I'm like the kid with the drawing. I want to post it on the fridge for everyone to see. ;)

    I can see green! It's so fantastic.

    Thanks for stopping by! :D