22 April 2011

Like a fat kid loves cake.

So, yesterday, I went to the big city of Atlanta to go look at a car that my husband's interested in. I took my friend Alicia with me, because 1. She knows the area better than I do and 2. I don't like roaming around Atlanta by myself. Well, honestly, it wasn't Atlanta, it was Norcross, but to us small town folk, anything above Conyers is Atlanta.

After my Garmin routed me through the ghetto, I finally got to Alicia's house. We started off with some lunch, my bribe to get her to come with me. We found The Flying Biscuit Cafe, which is a cute little cafe, that's spreading through out Georgia and North Carolina. I'd seen it a couple of years ago, while doing something with my husband. And then I somehow got the cookbook. Since then, I've wanted to try it. I thoroughly enjoyed my fried egg sammich and rosemary potatoes. If you ever see one, they're worth a try!

I figured, since I was in the area, I might as well stop by Eat. Sleep. Knit.'s headquarters. Best. Idea. EVER. I walked in, and a chime rang out, sending a very nice girl my way, welcoming me, and explaining how everything was set up. First stop to my right, was a room full of MadTosh. Alicia's not a crocheter or a knitter; her medium is glass. Therefore, she could appreciate the colors and wasn't too bored. Or so she said. Anywho, after drooling over a room full of MadTosh and only selecting one, that I hoped would match a skein that PJ and Kate got me for my birthday, I moved along. (While it does match, it's two completely different weights. Damn.) I past by bottles of Soak, a bunch of mannequins just hanging about, and then I moved into the next room, where there were Knit Pick needles, Lorna's Laces, and a wall full of alpaca yarn, to which I avoided, and various other goodies laying about. Didn't see anything I needed, I moved to one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen, the warehouse. The warehouse was FULL of yarn. Shelves and shelves of the stuff, just waiting for me to fondle and oogle at. Two rows FULL of Malabrigo in all weights and colors, Blue Sky Alpacas, Dream in Color, Squoosh, Sweet Georgia,  more needles, etc etc. I feel to my knees and called out praises to the yarn gods. It was a beautiful sight. Alicia just shook her head and helped my short self reach high yarns and helped point out pretty colors. Such as this beautiful Dream in Color, Everlasting in Tart. I won't lie, I kind of bought it for the name, too. Everlasting Tart. Bahahaha. I almost got a Dream in Color Starry, which I've been drooling over for a while, but I would have been over my limit that I set, so I put it back, now knowing what it looks and feels like, and will purchase at a later date. I promised it that I would. After spending 30 glorious minutes in there, I took my two beautiful new yarns and proudly took them to the checkout and marched out with my new loves in a bag, while thanking the very kind staff profusely. I'm sure Alicia thinks I'm nuts after that trip, but I think she understands what it's like to be passionate about your talents.  I mean, after all, who volunteers to take pictures of me acting like a looney in a warehouse full of yarn?

That is my dream shopping basket full of Malabrigo.


  1. Praise be to yarn! So I may be moving to Nashville, TN. Which means you can't leave the South until we meet at least once and go shopping together. You have been warned.

  2. Good lord


    It's a beautiful blog entry.