18 April 2011

Monday, Monday. Can't trust that day.

Being that I have access to things I normally don't have access to this week, I'm taking full on advantage of it. 1. A sewing machine and 2. An awesome oven and supplies.

Now, being that I have these things, doesn't mean any good will come of it. Well, Half Good. Or Half Fails. Whichever you prefer.

My first attempt of the day was sewing. Since Vanessa interviewed me over on her blog, Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts, I've had an itch to sew something. I couldn't figure out what, though. So I started digging through my cedar chest, which is FULL of fabric, and I came out with three choices: a black Hawaiian print, a preppy green and white stripe, and flannel donut fabric. Guess which one I chose? The donut fabric. Duh. I've had this fabric since 2006. I love it, and I was determined to make pajama pants out of it. Little do most know, but any sort of bottom that involves a crotch and legs is my mortal enemy. I was feeling confident today, so I decided to tackle shorts. I googled something like "pajama shorts pattern" and came up with this. Well, AFTER I printed out the pattern, cut that out, then cut the fabric out, I failed to realize that I didn't have the directions. Crap. So, I attempted to do it myself. Which ended up in the Fail of the Month. I'm quite embarrassed by them, that all I've decided to show you of them is this picture:
You can kind of see the crotch fail in the bottom right hand corner, but I'm not going any further. The color's terrible, because the green's actually a more pleasant color. Why is this a Half Fail? Because, I can rip out the stitches and try again. No worries, for I have found a better tutorial. 

My next Half Fail was a pre-Easter food trial. Which, I will always test my recipes before serving them to others after an epic fail earlier in my life. I've been watching cooking shows more recently lately, and I've noticed lavender being put in things. I was intrigued. So, I bought an 1/8th pound of culinary lavender (very important) and it arrived today! After the Half Fail with the shorts, I figured I'd try again with cookies. Everything was going smoothly. I had all the ingredients, I knew how to do everything, a simple cookie really. It told me it was a drop cookie, and just to plop teaspoon fulls onto my cookie sheet. I used a Pampered Chef "ice cream scooper" in the smallest size, and stuck them in the oven. 15 minutes later, I pulled them out, and was mildly confused. They were still in the shape of the scoop! I don't know why, but whatever. I let them cool for a few minutes and then I tried one. Not bad. They taste like they're missing something. Honestly, I think they're meant for tea, and if you love having tea and cookies, you'd enjoy this. Mom said it tastes like she was eating her lotion. I thought it taste just fine. Kinda a fragrant taste.  Nonetheless, I'm on the search again for a new Easter desert.

Try, try again. Tomorrow.


  1. Ha, you said crotch like, twice.

  2. Tea and cookies? What are we BRITISH??! ;D

    I think they're quite cute, actually!

  3. Seriously, the cookie shape is CUTE! :) Intentional or not!

    <3 Dusti

  4. I agree with Dusti - the little round cookies are super cute. I made some oreo cheesecake cookies that were mostly just little balls and they worked out great! Or at least, they were all eaten!

    And tea and cookies is the best part of my day, but then I AM British.

  5. "Mom said it tastes like she was eating her lotion."


    They do look cute though...