21 April 2011


Remember this teaser post? Well, I finished last night! So I can reveal it to the world now!

Behold! This is the Tendrillon Shrug from Addydae Designs It can be adapted to any shape and size! All you have to do is a little measuring and a little math. Well, I didn't do the math. PJ did. She's brilliant at it. I can balance my checkbook, convert fractions and that's about it. Moving along, this is a great pattern. It consists of single crochets, double crochets and back and front post double crochets. Fairly simple. The stitch definition on it is fantastic! It has great texture. This yarn (which I am not fond of) created a very soft, squishy feel to it. It's also stretchy, but returns to it's original state. 

Changes to pattern? Well, I single crocheted around it three times, instead of the suggested two for adults.  I also didn't comprehend what it wanted me to do after I sewed it together, so I just single crocheted around the body opening until I ran out of yarn. I like it better. Helps it fit better, too.

I also added some "decorative design" to the single crochets around the body. 

Racing stripes?
I felt it needed a little something to help all the single crochets.

Regrets? Yeah. I think I could have made the sleeves a bit shorter, and should have added a tighter stitch around the arm cuffs. That can always be fixed, though.

Overall, I love it, and I'm very proud of it! What I want to do now, is to crochet it again, but this time, create a throw pillow out of it. No idea why, but that's what this screams to me.


  1. LOVE IT! And I totally want a dress form even though I don't really have a use for one.

    Tomorrow I'll be posting about my sewing fail. Basically, I'm not precise in my measurements and sewing a consistant seam.

  2. Ooo, so pretty. I really like the chunkier band you put on around it. And it's gone really quick!

  3. Well done, it's beautiful!

    But I didn't do the math - I just helped you decipher the instruction!