24 April 2011

You don't eff with tradition.

In my family, as long as I can remember, we've had the crocheted topped towels danging from a drawer beside the sink. Since I started crocheting again, back in 2006, I've been slowly collecting my own collection of towels. I didn't know when I was getting married, so I didn't work on them. Now, that I'm married, I can start creating them! I churned out four of them yesterday, two for me and two for Mom, mainly, because Mom doesn't have any Easter ones. I'm pretty proud of them.

Don't mind the footboard railing there.
I think they're cute and cheery! I'm pretty proud of them, being that I haven't created any in a while. Also, a small note, this was the first thing I crocheted on. Mom was making one one day, and I asked her how she was doing it,  she showed me, and let me finish it. I was hooked. (lololol. Pun intended) So, it's kinda a tradition in both ways. Being that all my family has them, and it's my first project. I mean, who'd let such cute towels go to waste?


  1. My parents still have crocheted towels that my great grandmother made! and those towels are super cute.

  2. Where did you get those towels?! They are super cute!

  3. My grandmothers had those. That little kitchen touch got lost along the way.
    Your towels are DARLING! Great job!