02 May 2011

Cleaning out the fridge.

With moving, comes one fun task that most people forget about: Cleaning out the fridge. The only "cold" thing I've bought in the past two weeks has been milk and a frozen pizza. My mission has been to clean out the fridge. So, the other night, I ran out of ice cream, and I wanted something for dessert. I stared in the fridge for about two minutes, when I spied a forgotten tub of Cool Whip lingering in the back. My first thought was just to dig in and enjoy, but I decided that I wanted something with a bit more substance. I pondered for a few moments and then it dawned on me, BROWNIES. But wait, I've already packed my brownie pan! Crap. I thought a bit more, and as I panned around the kitchen, I saw it. Muffin tins. Perfect. I'd like to say that I made brownies from scratch, but I needed them RIGHT THEN. So, I pulled out my "snack size" box of brownie mix, threw in the eggs, oil, etc and poured it, creating six brownie cakes. Nom. While baking, I cleaned out the fridge of the stuff that had already been freezer burned or past the expiration date. Ding! Done. Pulled 'em out, let them cool for all of 30 seconds before dumping half a tub of Cool Whip on each brownie cake. All I have to say? Best. Idea. EVER.


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  1. YES! I love it. Also, it seems like we're going to miss each other. I just may be in TN at the end of May/first week of June. Bummer.