13 May 2011

Dudley rode a horse backwards first.

About a month ago, I received an earburn in my Ravelry inbox, from Vanessa. She excitedly signed me up for a blog review of a new shawl pattern. I'd never done such a thing before, and needing some blog material, I agreed! A few weeks later, I received the pattern for the shawl. I was amused by it immedeatly. 1. It was called the Dudley Do Wright shawl by Anastasia Knits 2. It had triangles on it! Luckily, I had just received my KSD yarn in the mail, and being that it was the only worsted weight around (I'd already taken my yarn stash to Georgia) I caked them and began work on the shawl immediately.
Rows 1-16
I rate my crochet skill level as intermediate, and I found this shawl really simple and fun to work on! First off, I'd never made a worsted weight shawl, so I was pleased at how quickly it worked up. Of course, you can use any yarn weight you'd like, but I find the worsted looks best, though, I would make one again, in possibly DK.
I sat down and began work on it, and found myself enjoying the triangles appear as I went along. Rows 1-16 went by quite quickly, and took me about an hour to do. Rows 12-16 are repeats. After one set of them, I had the pattern memorized and could easily watch TV while doing them. I probably could have finished this project in a day, if it weren't for my tendinitis and having to pack a whole apartment. It took me about two days to complete, not including blocking time. Now, in one of Anastasia's pictures, she has her shawl blocked where it's what I call "super blocked" meaning, it appears super lacy. For some reason, I wasn't particularly fond of that. But, to each your own, right? So I gently blocked mine, after handwashing it with some Soak. Back at the apartment, I didn't have any of those fancy foam blocks, so I had to block it out on the carpet. It took two days to dry! I guess I've been spoiled by using mainly only fingering for my shawls? But once I got it blocked, I was pleased with the results. I mean, just look at it!

I am tremendously pleased with the results. This shawl was not overly complicated, quick, and fun to do! I gave it to my grandmother for Mother's Day/super late Christmas present, and she loves it. Now, this shawl does come with a pretty decorative border, but I ran out of yarn, so I was only able to SC along the edges to give it a clean finished look to it. I'd recommend this to anyone!

The designer has offered 25% off her pattern for those that are interested! You can buy it off her website Anastasia Knits and enter the coupon code amberghini. This coupon code is only good from today until May 20th, so get crackin'!


  1. I haven't started mine! I think I will once I get settled in.

  2. Yeah! Thanks for the review! I'll go link on my own blog :)