01 May 2011

Indiana Fiber and Music Festival

Well, yesterday was the Indiana Fiber and Music Festival, and being that it was only an hour away, I went! I took a fellow Army wife and her daughter for support, and the fact that I didn't want to go by myself. We loaded up about 9:30 and headed on over. It was at the 4-H Fairgrounds and didn't look very big. We got there and were greeted by some people, who pointed out where to park. Got out of the car, and wandered over to a table and the nice people there pointed out the three buildings of stuff. Awesome.
Obey the sign.
The first building had the most "stuff." There were all sorts of fibery crafts in there! I picked up some handmade greeting cards from a really awesome lady. I can't show them to you, sadly, because they're for friends. After that I saw Luna, our LYS owner and her booth, Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needleworks, and I was just overwhelmed with everything that was crammed in that small building! There was mainly fiber and whatnot, but there was the occasional booth filled with yarn and things that I could use. I also got to see an "old fashioned" knitting machine demonstration. I want one! Moving between buildings, we spotted a funnel cake stand, and of course, had to indulge. So delicious. After that, we spotted Llamas and Alpacas! The daughter was so excited, she headed right to them. She was allowed to pet them, and even lead an Alpaca around a course! It was pretty cool, and she really enjoyed it.
"Does yarn make you happy?"
 Moving on to the next building, was a smaller more barn like structure, that had even more fibery goodness in there, including a beautiful blue skien of yarn that I picked up from Happy Fuzzy Yarn. It's delicious. Also in the barn were the angora bunnies! Sadly, I didn't see anyone picking the fur straight off them and spinning it. But, they were beautiful and on sale for $50! If only I were a spinner...
The last building sadly wasn't that full, but it still held some neat stuff. I believe it's where the classes were going to be held. Overall, I had a great time, and if I were in the area, I'd go back again! But sadly, my days are numbered here in Kentucky, and I must move on to greener pastures.


  1. Ha, you went to Blueball. And to answer your question, that yarn makes me jealous and angry. ;)

  2. I'm so jealous you have all these fairs and festivals to go to - they look like so much fun.