18 May 2011

Introducing: A Playful Day!

I meant to post this yesterday, so I could have something every week for the month of May, but, because I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I forgot. I'm interviewing some of my dear friends, who's blogs I think you should check out, because they're AWESOME.

Today, I am"interviewing" my friend, Kate, who runs the A Playful Day blog and her awesome A Playful Day podcast!

What is your name? She who plays
What is your quest?
To make the world a more playful and pleasant place, one game at a time.
What is your favorite color? Whatever colour I chose each day. I'm notoriously whimsical. It's usually intense though. I love the drama of a sunset or the blue of the Indian Ocean or the button on a child's vest.
What are your hobbies? Knitting, podcasting, photography, walking, reading, board games, fact finding and exploring. 
And why is that? Because I made a vow after a rather miserable few years where I would live every day playfully as a life saturated in limiting yourself, self sabotage and unflexibility is no life at all. I believe that play is therapy for both children and adults alike.
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? A couple. A couple is the safe answer to everything e.g. "How many of these brussel sprout cookies do you want to try?" "Er, a couple?"
What is your favorite song genre? Probably old time rag bands, swing, soul. Things you can dance to and twirl your skirt. I am pretty into music generally. I love a lot of different genres. Picking one makes me feel mean.
What is your favorite style of dance? That kind of dance where you forget that anyone's looking. I used to perform until I bust my hip and I still crave ballet with every bone in my body. Except my hip bone.
How do you overcome the awful threat to your creativity, which is boredom? I stay curious and I dare myself to explore and play. Just the other day I felt boredom looming so I crept to where my man was working in the other room and 'hid' behind the door. Over the time period of about 5-10 minutes I crawled over the floor, dived behind the sofa and hid (unsuccessfully) behind a waste paper basket. Just because.
So, being that you're famous now and have a podcast, what are your favorite things about being a podcaster? Getting to talk to people and find out about them and getting everyone into a sort of community. The crafting community is a very special one and what I love more than anything is when you link two people up and it works so well that you know things are going to be brilliant for them.
Worst? Editing out 'ummmmms' and tech mishaps. I lost a weekend once trying to work out how to edit out the sound of my laptop.
Being that you reside in England, have you ever harassed the palace guards in funny hats?
Yup and I did it in Prague too. I spent a while just staring at their uniforms and them standing so straight. I announced to my friend 'Man he's so upright he has no bum, mine doesn't do that' and tried. My friend caught a pic of him peaking at my bum. We laughed for ages when we saw as it was back in the day of processing film and we hadn't noticed at the time.
What inspires you? I work with children facing great adversity and I regularly tell them 'I wanna be just like you when I grow up'. The ability of any child to render any adult's problems to nothing with their innocent view on life is amazing, inspiring and empowering.
Why are keys so fascinating? Because you never know when you'll find their lock and where it might be. I always loved stories with secret doors and boxes. I still climb in big wardrobes to see if I go to Narnia. Seriously, if you have one and don't want your clothes thrown everywhere, don't show me.
If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what would you want? Observer. I love playing and being involved but actually when others are enjoying themselves I tend to step back and just enjoy their enjoyment. You notice a lot about people from just watching. I'm endlessly nosey. Not in a gossipy way but more of that childish curiousity I always have.

What's one of your favorite childhood memories? Sitting on two buckets in my favourite bikini. I had this red folksy print bikini with ruffles that was NEVER on straight where I was always tearing around but I loved that thing. It was unusually girly but then I'm a girly tomboy. I had that on and was sat on an upturned bucket at the seaside with a smaller upturned bucket for me to put my feet on. I was devouring a nice drippy icecream and there was a lady bird on my leg. The sun was out and the sea was warm and the sand even warmer. My Dad and I built castles all day but chatting to that ladybird really tickled me pink.


  1. oooooooooo look at me and my daddy XD

  2. Awwwww what a sweet photo of kiddo Kate!

  3. Ah yay!

    I went to a legendary New Years party once where the theme was Narnia. You entered the bar through a wardrobe and Mr Tumnus made you a flaming cocktail. It was the best thing EVER!