05 May 2011

My Old Kentucky Home

Weekly Tank Parade
Today is my last [full] day here at Fort Knox. For the past six months, it's been an amazing experience. What? Living on post while your husband goes to school and you're bored as hell is an amazing experience? Well, yes! This was my first time ever being an "official Army Wife" and living with my husband. We got married in May of last year, and due to the economy, I stayed with my parents and kept my job. He was a Gold Bar Recruiter at Georgia Tech, and so we decided the two hour commute to each other wasn't that bad. We kept it up for six months, before Brian moved to Fort Knox for ABOLC. I originally wasn't going to move to Fort Knox with him, because we were going to go to South Korea for our first assignment. Then Kim Jong Crazy Person decided to blow up a chunk of South Korea, and various other stuff, and then I wasn't going to Korea anymore. So, I decided to move to Kentucky, so I could enjoy actually spending some time with my husband. And I have been, since after Thanksgiving of last year.
Brian demonstrates proper
Mud Puddle Jumping
Living on post was a completely different world for me. I was threatened to drive under the speed limit, something that is hard for me to do. I learned that being nice and friendly moves you from a tiny hotel room, to the biggest apartment with a tiny shower and slow internet. Bugle calls happen at least 10 times a day. I found out that tanks are loud and are pretty frickin cool. I discovered that you should tip the bagger at the commissary, or you look like a bitch. People come and go, and all the spouses are just as lonely as you are.
It actually was not horrible, as some spouses have described it as. I made it through ABOLC just fine. Then, ARC came along, and it sucked. I won't lie, ARC, while it's only a month long, has sucked the most. Brian was selected to be Class Leader and because of that, I saw him even less, and he was even more pissed off than usual. But, we got through it. Brian graduates ARC today, signifying a job well done.
After ABOLC graduation
Now, shouldn't I be all sad because my husband's going to Korea and leaving me? Nope. He traded orders with someone, and now we'll be moving to Fort Bliss, in El Paso, TX here within the month.
And with that, for the month of May, I'll be interviewing some friends, so you can see why I think they're awesome. Mainly, so you'll forgive me for packing and moving across country, with a husband, a cat and me, in a UHaul, instead of updating my blog.
Until then, I'm going to go pack.

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