27 June 2011

Epic project is epic.

I'd like to start this post off with saying: I hate painting. Walls, that is. I have painted more walls/houses than I care to remember. Seriously. I painted my childhood bedroom, twice, my brother's bedroom, my childhood bathroom, a couple of houses on different mission trips, my brother's new house, numerous baseboards and ceilings, and now, I've decided to paint our house. And it has textured walls. Yes, I am nuts.
But, let me show you why, I want to paint this house:

Yes, as you can see, EVERYTHING is ONE color. ONE. The ceilings, walls, doors, windows, baseboards, etc. etc. And it's this awful "desert sand" color, or whatever the hell the realtor called it. Also, it's a "warm" color, and I'm not fond of warm colors on walls for some reason. I like my colors cool. Not like, jazz playing, turtleneck wearing, poetry reciting, finger snaping cool, just...regular cool. So, I searched for the nearest Sherwin-Williams and stared at the paint colors for about an hour. And I came up with these:

I don't feel like rotating the picture.
If you can see, yes, they're all some sort of grey. Though, the color I'm most excited about is the craft/guest room. The paint color is called "Knitting Needle." lololol. I have no idea how long this WIP will take, but all I know is I'm going to take it one room at a time.


  1. What the hell shade is Knitting Needle?

  2. Knitting Needle is the singular color in front that says "craft/guest" by the white card. It's a darker grey.