03 June 2011

I'm baaaack!

So, after not quite a month's "hiatus" I am pleased to announce that I'm able to blog properly again! On May 28th, my husband, the cat and I piled into our Budget truck and hauled ass from Georgia to El Paso, TX. It took us two days! Longest. Trip. EVER. But, we now can say we've been from one end of I-20 to another. It took a day to go through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. And then a whole day for Texas. Texas is a BIG STATE. I sadly didn't take as many pictures as I originally wanted to. Though, when we passed through Sweetwater, TX, I got to see something I've never seen before: Windmill Farms. I was practically plastered to the window just staring at these massive things. They're so cool!

El Paso is way different than anything I've ever lived in. I'm used to small towns with cows and bad drivers. El Paso is a medium city with slow drivers. We had to stay in a hotel, because we didn't find a house yet. The next day, we found one, called the realtor, looked at it, applied for it, and got it, all within five hours. I'm pleased to announce we are mostly moved in, and I love our house! There's very few things I don't like about it. 1. How close it is to the neighbors 2. The tiny, cramped master bath, 3. The terrible shape the carpet was in. But, those are all over looked easily.

I'm experiencing a lot of firsts here, and it's rather exciting. Brian keeps laughing at me. Whatever. I was most excited to arrive to the house and find a TUMBLEWEED. Yes. I have my very own tumbleweed trapped in my back yard. I don't know what to do with it. I don't want to throw it away, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it. It's rather shy. It likes hiding in corners.

We have grass in the backyard (which my husband was excited about) and rocks in the front yard. We have three trees, but they're tiny, and not helping. After looking at the ones in the back yard, I'm guessing they're some sort of fruit trees. One looks like an apple, and the other one is some sort of citrus. Guess I'll find out when they bloom, right?

I'm fascinated with Texas. I have to say the heat is way different than in Georgia, due to lack of humidity. I can walk out in 102 (F) degree heat and not even think twice about it. Though, it is really BRIGHT outside. That I'm having to get used to. I have to wear sunglasses every time I step outside or else I can't see. Hopefully, I'll have more updates about cool stuff I'm able to do. For instance, Cattleman's Steakhouse. Click the link. You won't regret it.



  1. Yeay, you're back!

    Glad the move all went alright. I bet with all that moving you haven't had much time for crocheting shawls though, right??!

  2. Congrats on your new home. I can't wait to visit in the future xx