14 July 2011


I have a confession to make. I haven't worked out in two days. Why? Not because I'm "not feeling it." But, I have a hole in the bottom of my heel. BACKSTORY:

So, I was weeding the watermelon patch the other day, and I came across a plant I've never seen. It was some sort of ground cover plant, and I didn't like it, because it looked too much like a weed, so I pulled it up. Thorns went EVERYWHERE. So, I tossed it to the side, and decided to let it die a slow death in the Texas sun. Monday, I went to go inspect my watermelons (three, yay!) and I made the mistake of walking out there, barefoot. I have been walking barefoot everywhere since I was about, oh, six. So, I'm used to it, gravel doesn't bother me, crunch leaves, etc. But, I stepped on about six of those thorn mofos, and it was all over. I pulled them out of my foot, and limped back to the house for further inspection. I was able to pull four of the splinters out of my foot, but I still had two lodged in my right heel. It HURT. I couldn't walk anywhere without limping, couldn't put pressure on it, it was annoying. When my husband got home, I stuck my foot in my face and said "IT HURRRRRRRRTS. GET IT OUT." (that's what she said?) So, my very sweet husband, got to work. He tried getting it with tweezers, and couldn't. Why? His words, "Your heel is nothing but a big callus." DAMN RIGHT IT IS. I worked HARD to get it that way, lol. So, basically, he had to clip through about half a centimeter of callus (didn't hurt) to pull the splinter out (that hurt) which turned out to be pretty long. So, he slapped some second skin on there, and I'm good to go. That was two days ago. I woke up this morning, and finally can put pressure on it. And so, I know the internet is all "PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, I present to you, my heel hole.

Mmmm. Yeah.

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