05 July 2011

Day One: I think my heart is going to explode

Let me start this post out with this: I am not fat. But, if I continue my ways, I will become fat. With that out of the way, my half naked body has not been seen on the internet since 2009, which is in a Facebook picture of me in a bikini, on a boat, looking pissed off because of the choppy waves. Moving along, I have made the decision to plaster myself on the internet once again. Why? Because, after 10 years of not doing any actual daily exercise, besides January when I did P90X for a month or so, I'm determined to get my ass back in shape. And I feel, by presenting myself to the internet, it will embarass me, and inspire me to get moving. Actually, just taking these pictures have inspired me, because how often does one look at one's back? Ick. Okay, here I am.

There I am, in my workout gear glory.  I don't have any bikinis that fit, so this is what you get. Like I said, I'm not fat, I'm just getting there. I tried P90X back in January, and it was just too much for my out of shape self. So, I decided I really liked the Beachbody brand, so I started looking through what they had to offer. Insanity was out of the question. Then I thought about TurboFire, and just was meh about it. Then, I had my decision on the 10 minute trainer. I could do that. And then it caught my eye. Brazil Butt Lift. I laughed my ass off at the name, and it's purpose. Then, I watched one of the infomercials, read the reviews and decided, why the hell not? I, being super white, have the flat-ass curse. Plus, it was a 20-30 minute workout, has a good chunk of cardio in it, and the moves reminded me of stuff I used to do in dance. Plus, it had fun Latin music. And the deciding factor? My husband was real enthuastic about it. Well...okay. So I ordered it Wednesday of last week, and it arrived on Friday. Though, my husband had a four day weekend, so I refused to start in front of him. Bought the weights required, and one of those foam puzzle mats, because tile is no fun to work out on. 

And here it is. Day One. I've chosen the "Lift and Shape" option. There's four you can choose from. "Classic" "Slim and Shape" and "Slim and Lift". Being that I don't really have an ass, I'm going for the lift and shape option. All of the programs are a month long, with a different plan for each week, with Sunday off. Sometimes, you'll get a day off in the week, but being that my husband is home on Saturdays, I might skip it, and continue through. We'll see, though. Anywho, today was Day One, which was the "Bum-Bum" workout. It's about 35 minutes long, and I thought my heart was going to explode 15 minutes into it. So, I skipped to the stretching at the end, and tried not to pass out on the floor. My husband told me never to just "stop" after a workout, so I picked up my mats, swept the floor, put away the dishes and then I collapsed on the couch. And here I am. I feel sore in my back and my thighs. Yes, already. It's been a while.
So, there's my confession. Make fun of me you want for choosing Brazil Butt Lift, but I'm determined to do this. I would appreciate any encouragement to help me keep on chugging.

And for good measure (lol) here are my measurements:
Height: 5'5"
Chest: 36"
R. Arm: 10 5/8"
L. Arm: 10"
Waist: 28 1/2"
Hips: 36 1/2"
R. Thigh: 20 1/2"
L. Thigh: 21
Weight: 129
Body Fat: 25.7%


  1. You are my hero with your brave. As someone with lots of body image regrets, I'm blown away x

  2. I have both P90X and their Beach Body Power Half Hour. Tomorrow, I'm starting the Power Half Hour. I'll be shaking my non existant butt with you!

  3. Girl, you ROCK. I don't know that I'm brave enough yet to post pics and measurements of myself (I'd love to, I think it would be so motivating!), but I seriously cannot wait to see what you think of this program and if you think I can survive it!

  4. Wow, I'm so impressed by your posting pictures! It'll get much easier fairly quickly if you keep to it. Good luck!