07 July 2011

Day Three: *snore*

I decided to go ahead and rest on day three, mainly, because I couldn't walk properly up the stairs. And my clothes are upstairs. Along with my yarn. My thigh muscles are thanking me for the rest.

So, today, I went to go check out the new commissary on post, and it is HUGE. After I found my beloved Dale's marinade and some Woodchuck Summer Ale (tastes like blueberries!) I wandered over to the PX to see if they had any of the mascara I like. A guy hands me a ticket and says, "Free drawing in ten minutes!" Well, okay. Apparently, it's a drawing for three gold and Swarovski bracelets that have never been sold in the states before. What the hell. I'll try my luck. I wander over to where the drawing is, and everyone gathers, and he tells the folks to rip the ticket in half and dump them in a little container. And then he asks me to draw three tickets. I close my eyes and do my best. And then he hands me a gold dipped penny! He explains what it is and it was his token of appreciation for me being his assistant today. I'm thrilled. I mean, it's just a penny dipped in 14K gold or whatever, but I love pennies! I don't win the bracelets, but I'm more than pleased to receive my penny. I wander off happy. Maybe it'll bring me lots of luck?

After that, I came home and is doing as the Brazil Butt Lift guide suggested. Resting. I've decided to drag back out my knitting and work on it. My scarf is happily coming along. :)

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  1. "And on the third day, Amber rested and it was good..."

    Yay for funky pennies! I have yet to start working out because I don't have any sneakers. :( That will be remedied this weekend! We have a gym in our apartment complex so I'm going to be hitting it up.