06 July 2011

Day Two: My buns are burning! My buns are burning!

Day two, by far, was much easier than day one. It consisted of mainly floor exercises, that has caused my abs and my butt to FEEL THE BURN. Oy. I'm sore from yesterday, but the good kind of sore that lets you know it's working, not the "Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't be doing this" sore. I can move around just fine, but walking upstairs, is not a pleasing task. Crawling works just fine though. ;D I'm going to update about my progress every day this week, and then move it to weekly.
I highly doubt any of my measurements have changed, but, I have lost 1.7lbs as of yesterday. HA. I'm more interested in toning my jiggle than losing X amount of pounds.

...I'm having a weird bout of deja vu.

Moving along, over the holiday weekend, my husband and I bought us a charcoal grill, just because it's apparently un-American if you don't grill on the 4th of July. Right. So we made some burgers and dogs on the 4th and last night, I busted out the chicken and my new Penezy's Spices. I threw some Olive Oil on the chicken and put some Old World spice on it, and Brian grilled it. Then, I made the Penzey's Edmund's Up North Roasted Potatoes and some green beans. What a delicious supper! I highly recommend this recipe.

All you need are:
4 cups of Red Potatoes chunked (I used about 10 of 'em)
1 cup of Yellow Onion coursley chopped (I used about 1/4th of one)
2tbls of Northwood Seasoning (You can get it from Penezy's)
2tbls of Vegetable Oil (I used Olive Oil, because I didn't have any Veggie oil)

It takes about an hour to cook, but it's so worth it. It tasted like Rosemary potatoes with a kick. Not like hot sauce kick, but deliciousness. My husband ate all of his and kept stealing mine! Best part? They're only about 7g of fat. Delicious and low fat? Yes please. I forgot to take a picture before hand, so you get to see what was leftover. Still delicious, I promise.

Oh HELL yeah!

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