10 July 2011

Presenting: Kneads, Knits and Knothing!

Over at Kneads, Knits and Knothing, you can find pure bliss, just like the title says, beautiful loaves of bread, amazing knitted wear and yarns, and of course, Knothing, which could be ANYTHING, but sometimes, Sundae, resident cat and photoshop subject.

I'm PJ, and most recently I've started blogging at Kneads, Knits, and Knothing where I like to show off new yarn, post bread recipes, talk about my latest travel escapades, post pictures of my cat, and other random things.  I've also done the other "usual" things - gone to school, gotten married, gotten a job, stayed out of jail...I think I'm doing alright!

What are some of your favorite things to do?
I can be pretty indulgent when it comes to enjoying my free time, and I have a pretty good rotation of "favorite things" to keep me busy!  On the more "normal" days when I just get home from work or I'm spending a quiet weekend, I'm very happy to fire up my bread machine, and sit down with my knitting, a glass of wine, and maybe the internet (which really cuts in to the knitting!).  As the weather warms up, I'll end up taking it outside, possibly to the coastline or even the Laguna Seca - one of the best racetracks in the world in my back yard!  Though on the longer weekends or breaks, I LOVE to travel.  I especially love learning about historic sites and doing the "interesting" touristy things.

Please elaborate on your hobbies.
Knitting is the hobby that takes most of my time and money.  I learned to knit after developing a passion for pretty yarn and discovering so many beautiful knit projects on Ravelry.  I decided "I want to make pretty things too!" and here I am!  Funny enough, my mom has done a lot of research in to our family history, and has discovered that the women in our family going back many generations have always excelled in needlework and even took work doing such outside the home.  I guess you could say it's in my blood!

What style would you say you lean more towards?
I'm very casual, both in my attitude and my dress style, though I really LOVE wearing dresses and skirts.  Summer is my favorite season for that reason, because it's so easy to look feminine and cute and comfortable!  It doesn't make for good knit wearing, but I guess that's why we still get Winter.  :)

What are your favorite things to bake?
Bread has exploded in to my life in the last 6 months, and ever since I started playing with sourdough starter I've gotten REALLY interested in how the process works and actually taking the dough out of the bread machine and getting a little fancier with it!  Every time I bake another loaf I learn a little more, and it's exciting to watch the dough grow transform before your eyes!  Also, I would prefer to eat a savory loaf of bread over a sweet cookie or cake almost any day, so while I enjoy baking sweet items from time to time, it's nice to bake something that I can enjoy almost daily!

Have you committed the act of defenestration?
Since I live in a one-story home, any item chucked out the window would just sit there and stare at me at eye level until I admitted defeat and brought it back in.  I prefer the method of shoving things in to the bottom of my knitting bag and pretending it doesn't exist.

If so, what was the poor item?
For the sake of not leaving this question hanging, I WILL tell you that my husband once threw his best friend out the window in to a watermelon patch when they were kids.  It arose out of the friend not sharing his Nintendo.  8 year old DH chucked him out, friend came back in through the front door crying (as you would), he and his mom went to confront DH, who was contentedly playing Nintendo.  For the record, they are still best friends.

Why are man hole covers round?
I actually know this one!  It's so they can't fall inwards.  If it were square for example, you could turn the cover at an angle and lonk it down the widest part of the hole, the corner-to-corner way.  With a circle, there's no part of the hole that is wider than any part of the cover.

Also correct: because the hole is also round.

What is your favorite accent?
I like tildes: ~


I love listening to people speak that come from other regions and countries, and don't know that I can narrow it down to a favorite.  I do like when people have in interesting combination of accents, for example if they're born in England but then move to the American Northeast when they're 8, and you can hear elements of both but can't nail down which one is dominant.  I think that's a great example of how language and tone change all over the world, and how language evolves and takes on different elements of its surroundings.

What's the most ridiculous item you've spent money on?
When I was 18 I bought myself a pair of fashion glasses - the kind with the non-prescription glass in them.  When my friends saw me they gave me compliments like "oh you look so cute in glasses - but I didn't know you needed to wear them!"  After sheepishly explaining for the day that I did NOT, in fact, need to wear glasses, I put them away for good.

Being that you knit, have you ever stabbed yourself with the knitting needles?
Surprisingly, I have NOT stabbed myself with my knitting needles.  Though one time I was winding a particularly evil skein of yarn, and after 90 minutes and some swear words and finally getting it in to a ball, I threw that ball against the wall as hard as I could and twisted my ankle.  It's quite possibly the dumbest knitting-related injury ever.

Name one goal that you have at the moment.
I would love to knit a sweater.  I've made sweaters before, but I tend to go long stretches between them and it's become a "big, intimidating project" in my eyes again.  I have plenty of yarn with which to knit one, I just have to narrow down my pattern options, jump in and do it!

What's your weapon of choice?
I'm torn between Gunblade and Energy Sword.  Because I am a giant nerd who likes sharp objects.

 If you could banish one celebrity off the face of the earth, who would it be?
Kim Kardashian

What does she DO?  How can you be so rich and successful without DOING ANYTHING?!

What is your most interesting scar?
I have a scar about one inch long on my left knee.  When I was 15, I knelt across my bed to grab a book, and suddenly heard a sharp "POP".  I thought "that was an odd sound", when I saw that my pants had been cut, and my knee had been sliced about an inch deep.  It was so fast that I didn't feel pain until I saw it, and it didn't start bleeding until after that.  I got stitches for the first time ever, and since I couldn't bend my knee with the huge bandage on I had to have my little brother tie my shoe for me.  It doesn't look like too much now, but it does feel weird in different weather conditions!

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  1. LOL I always think I sound like a dork when I read my own words! XD

    Thanks for interviewing me, and your photo selection was EXCELLENT!