16 July 2011

Tricksy pumpkins.

Remember this post, when I thought I had a baby watermelon growing? Yeah. Turns out my very first guess was right. I don't have a watermelon patch, it's a pumpkin patch! I began growing suspicious, when that first watermelon turned round, and then started turning yellow. As I checked them this morning, the second pumpkin had doubled in size, and no longer looked like a watermelon. Oh yes. We have pumpkins.

Winnie is possessed by the sand.

The Great Pumpkin?
This is the original "watermelon." It's going to be a tiny pumpkin!

And just for good measure, these things in my shoe? Yeah, that's what was in my heel.

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Those spikes look EVIL, no wonder you had a hole in your foot! Hope that's healing up ok.

    Good thing you didn't promise everyone watermelons.