29 August 2011

o hai thar...

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged, but that's okay! It means I've been busy. LET ME SHOW YOU MY BUSY.

First WIP: Our bedroom. It's almost done. We just need to finish up with the trim paint, find some curtains and something for behind the door to hang up our jeans.

Not a great picture, I blame the morning sun.
Second WIP: My Craft/the Guest Room! You can't see it, but the walls closest to where I was still need paint. I finally got my workspace in place (i.e. two file cabinets and a countertop) and now I can start putting things away. I got my bookshelf in place and all my books on it, and there's still room to spare! Guess that means I need more books, right? You can also see the new ceiling fan that we invested in. Best. Decision. Ever. The upstairs is now about 20 degrees cooler than it was.

The paint color is called "Knitting Needle" :3
Third WIP: The Yard! We're actually not going to do much to it, being that the house is a rental, but all the petunias died that they had planted, and I've been admiring a bush that's scattered throughout the neighborhood, so I researched and bought me two! Behold! The Texas Sage. Needs little to no watering, and either full sun or partial. Best part, they stay green year round and bloom after it rains. Let's see if I can not kill it. Not pictured: the backyard. My husband just weedeated it, and it looks like a small tornado went through and hit it. The pumpkins are still thriving though!

Pretty positive I'm going to put another bush/plant where the green spot is.
Just haven't decided what yet.

Fourth WIP: My cross stitch. I'd say it's about 75% done. I've been working hard on this. I'm a little miffed, because I've run out of some of the main colors already, but that's okay. I'm going to finish what I have, then make a trip to Hobby Lobby/Michael's/JoAnn's/Walmart/Mom's to get some more floss. I'm proud to say I'm pretty sure I'll have this finished and framed by Halloween. :P

10x13 "Once upon a time, a princess was born"

We also went on Vacation about a week ago, to beautiful Orange County, California to visit family and meet our goddaughter. She is PRECIOUS. I'll have pictures of the trip a little later. Everyone had a great time.

06 August 2011

Sew what?

Yesterday was Family Day at my husband's unit, and I got to do some pretty cool stuff. I rode around in a Stryker, play with night vision, play with big boy guns, and just had a pretty good time. I mean, how often do you get to do that stuff? There's a video of me somewhere playing with a 50 cal. I'll have to find it.

Other than that, I've been cross stitching my ass off. For the amount of work I've done, it doesn't look like I've done a lot!

Once again, I apologize for the cell phone shot. I found my camera, but now have misplaced my charger. Go me. Anywho, if you look at the yellow star, you'll see it looks a little funny. That's because it has sparkly filament thread mixed in with the yellow thread. Looks great, but what a pain in the ass. Anyone think I can finish this 10"x13" piece by Thursday?

02 August 2011

Week Four: lol wut

So, yesterday was supposed to be the day where I go "Thanks Beachbody! I look AWESOME." Whoops. Due to various things taking over my life, I haven't worked out for the past two weeks, basically, and so there's been no change. I feel I've kinda failed myself, but I'm not upset about it. I'm just going to try, try again.

On another note, the mailman was very kind to me yesterday. He blessed me with yarn, books, and a cross stitch piece, to which I ripped it out of the package and started working on it. It's a bit more massive than I thought, so I have to get goin' on it. This is what I got done yesterday:

 Any guesses on what it might be? :D

So, if you need me for the next few weeks, this is what I'll be doing.