02 August 2011

Week Four: lol wut

So, yesterday was supposed to be the day where I go "Thanks Beachbody! I look AWESOME." Whoops. Due to various things taking over my life, I haven't worked out for the past two weeks, basically, and so there's been no change. I feel I've kinda failed myself, but I'm not upset about it. I'm just going to try, try again.

On another note, the mailman was very kind to me yesterday. He blessed me with yarn, books, and a cross stitch piece, to which I ripped it out of the package and started working on it. It's a bit more massive than I thought, so I have to get goin' on it. This is what I got done yesterday:

 Any guesses on what it might be? :D

So, if you need me for the next few weeks, this is what I'll be doing.


  1. Ahahah, I totally know what that is! For... you? :O

  2. Exercise is really hard to keep up. I've opted for a milkshake diet myself. Totally not good for you, but I'm getting super speedy results :)

    Anything with princesses is awesome, but I don't know what it is!