29 September 2011

Dinner from Pinterest

Most of you know what Pinterest is, correct? Yeah, well, I'm addicted to it. I feel like I'm an idea hoarder or something. So, I've decided to try a few things I've collected over the past few days. Last night, I tried some recipes.

Chicken and Spinach Stuffed Shells (enjoyed with a spinach salad, adorned with bacon and croutons.)

This was actually a pretty yummy recipe! Being that there's just two of us, I cut the amounts in half, except I forgot to cut the amount of onion in half. Whoops. Though, I did use a full jar of sauce. I'm glad I cut it in half, though. I was able to stuff about 15-20 shells out of it or a 9x13 pan's worth.

Before the bag of cheese I dumped on there.

If I made this recipe again, I would not put so much onion in it (lolz) and I would make it with turkey. While, I enjoyed the chicken in it, it felt like it didn't belong. I think turkey or beef would be a better replacement for it.

For dessert, I made the Frozen Reese's Peanut Butter Pie. I'm not gonna lie, this recipe made me a little mad. Don't get me wrong, it is DELICIOUS. You see that picture on the website? I realize it's the tiny pie version, not the 9" springform pan version. First off, I couldn't get the Oreo crumbs to stick to the walls of my pan, so I gave up and just made a bottom layer. And then when I made the filling portion? No where near thick enough. Just look!

nom nom nom

If I made this again, I would make it in a pie tin. Or hell, just be lazy and buy the pre-made Oreo crust. But, don't let those small things stop you from making this pie. It's seriously delicious. Chunks of Reese's surrounded by peanutbuttery goodness and line with a layer of Oreos? Yes, please.

Tomorrow, I may try a few crafts.

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  1. If I bought an Oreo crust, I would probably just eat it and not make pie.