23 September 2011


I can finally show you two out of three secret projects I've finished! Well, the third one's not finished, but still.

Object in Question #1:

A scarf for my mother. I'm stash busting (can you believe it's true?) and I bought some Berroco Touché in a peachy salmon color (7927) back when my favorite LYS in Georgia was having it's retirement sell. When I saw that color, I knew it would alternate perfectly between the two colors of coats that my mother has. So I snatched up enough, and merrily went about my way.
I had the yarn for about a year and a half before I knew what I wanted to do with it. I would KNIT IT. With my new found skillz, I used the Lime Scarf pattern I found on Ravelry, and knitted my heart out for my second finished knitted item. I LOVE the way it turned out. I was so proud, and the yarn, it's 50% rayon and 50% cotton, feels amazingly soft and drapes beautifully. If you're not a yarn snob, by all means, you need to try some. I will be buying more in the future.
But, I finished this scarf the first week of September, and finally sent it out to my mother who received it sometime this week. I highly recommend this pattern, and I highly recommend this yarn.

Object in Question #2:

Color Swap partner's handmade: A mini Dia de los Muertos skull! (aka Day of the Dead)

My favorite swap on Ravelry, the Color Swap, is an amazing swap. It's a secret swap, and you either request from your partner a color, theme or both! I find it more fun to do both. My partner requested her colors to be dark red, black and white. Now, that's something I can do. She also mentioned that she's a sewer and loves dia de los muertos things. I live in El Paso, how hard can this be? As I'm typing this, I'm sitting here regretting every moment that I forgot to take a picture of what I mailed her. I got her some spectacular custom dyed yarn from Dyeabolical Yarns, and then scowered her wish list for that one perfect item, and then get smaller things from there. So, I went skipping about El Paso for Dia de los Muertos stuff. And it was quite an adventure, interestingly enough, I couldn't find much that wasn't way out of my price range. But, I did end up getting her some fantastic finds. And then, I had to decide on a handmade. I normally sew something, but my sewing machine wasn't working properly until now. I couldn't knit very well yet, so crochet it was. And crocheting is really starting to bother my wrist, so I did something small. I made a Yorick! and then embroidered on him. My first time, too.  Great experience.

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