04 September 2011

Holy Crap.

You guys. You know that voice inside of your head that tells you not to do things and stuff like "I told you so?" Yeah. Mine is my mother. Before you start laughing, and think I'm crazy, let me explain.
Hey! You don't belong in there!

Still have more to go.
My craft room is FINALLY finished being painted. Well, besides the ceiling, and that's my husband's job, and who knows when the hell he'll get to it with his busy schedule. ANYWHO. I'm starting to unpack and organize things. I decided to tackle my cedar chest first, which is where all my fabric is stored. I start with the fabric I have in one of those blue IKEA bags. Only took up like  ¼ of my cedar chest. And then I start on my 22 gallon tote. Holy crap. I'd forgotten I had half the fabric that I was finding! I have stuff that ranges from cupcakes, to brocade, to outdoor canvas, to white pleather to fabric from the 60s, 70s, and 80s! Then, I found two bolts of fabric, some upholstery stuff, and then Mom sent me some fabric I forgot that's at least 70 yards. And I still have another roll back in Georgia. And then I found zippers, buttons, grommets, doorknobs, at least 50 patterns, etc. I could go on forever. And then...then that voice came from the depths of my head, "Don't go shopping until you've searched through what you have." YES MOTHER. I now understand what she meant. As I'm fondling some of the fabric I haven't seen in years, patterns I meant to make, a surge of creativity washed over me. Now...if only my sewing machine worked...

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  1. Oh darn those mother's voices. I hear mine often too...
    Have fun with your fabric stash!