03 September 2011

It's pronouced "Lah-zag-nuh."

A day after...
I have been dying for some lasagna for a couple of weeks. I was going to make some last week, but some back trouble prevented it. So, I was determined yesterday, to make some before anymore chaos could break loose. I searched the internet and I found this one: World's Best Lasagna. (I love this website, can't you tell?) It's rated 5 stars with 5700+ votes. I figured, why the hell not? It takes three hours to cook, and those three hours are worth it!

I did a few things differently, just because I couldn't find things/wasn't thinking. What did I do? Well, for one, I couldn't find any sweet Italian sausage, so I just used mild Italian sausage instead. I also was being lazy and used the dried parsley I had instead of fresh chopped parsley. And I forgot to buy shredded Parmesan, so I just used the stuff that's normally reserved for spaghetti. Over all, it still turned out delicious and husband approved.
Layers of CHEESE and MEAT.

I would totally make this again, even though it took three hours to cook. Though, I had one problem with it. It says it serves 12, but when I started layering it in the pan I had a whole lasagnas worth of meat and sauce left. Maybe I didn't have a deep enough dish and it was all supposed to go in there? Because, mine was over flowing already. Either way, it still was delicious. I'm actually thinking about freezing it for a later lasagna. Save me some time for next time.


  1. Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
    Best wishes

  2. I always always have left over lasagna fixings. I never thought to make an extra and freeze it though....