10 September 2011


Well, we done done it now. Yesterday, my husband and I went to the shelter to see when the original kitten we picked out would be ready. We spent about 30 minutes there, talking to the girl, and watching Brian being attacked by various cats and kittens. Hilarious. So, the girl told us that we wouldn't be able to get little Phobe for quite a while, but that there were orange tabby females at Petsmart. Brian about wet his pants to get there. So, we removed the kittens we were trying to steal from our pockets, and headed to Petsmart. And there she was. Beautiful little Trinity....Trinity? This is not the Matrix! So, we gathered our supplies for the kitten (food, more litter, dish, collar) adopted our kitten, and went merrily on our way. This cat, did not meow or whine ONCE on the way home. I was so impressed, our other cat, Winnie, would have done had a conniption by then.
So, we decided to change little Trinity to Scout. Little Scout. Scout was born in the shelter, and so small places has been all she's known. And so now, she's living up to her name. No place has been unexplored.

Winnie keeps a watchful eye from above the fridge. She'll get used to her soon.