13 September 2011


I ordered some spices about a week ago, and they came in today! YAY!

Yeah, that's not suspicious at all.
And I'm THRILLED. Mainly,  because yesterday, I got in the mail the new Penzey's magazine and on the front cover was a big ass pot of deliciousness. You can kinda see it here in the picture with my NEW SPICES:

Okay, not really, but the recipe is called Forward! Cowboy Beans (which apparently isn't on the website. Hm.) But it looks delicious. It's got beef, bacon, corn chunks, and...beans. I was thinking about making it for a Troop BBQ we have next week, but I'm not sure how it'll taste. So, I'll make half a pot and see how it comes out.

So, my spices! You can't really see them, I now realize, but I indulged in:

-mulling spices
-minced garlic
-Arizona Dreaming
-Italian seasoning
-and it came with a free sample of Tuscan Sunset. Yum. Thanks Penzey's!

So, basically, I just wanted to brag about my delicious spices, and hopefully, I'll be able to give you a written report on the Cowboy Beans.

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