12 October 2011

Fail of the Century.

So, I'm trying a new stash down program. Being that I'm still new to knitting, I'm trying to use all my thicker yarn first. You know, like the fat crayons you got when you were a kid? Yeah, so my thought process is, by the time I'm done with all the thicker yarn, when I get to fingering, I'll be AWESOME. So, with that in mind, I've been staring at my Malabrigo in Ravelry Red given to me by Chemicalika in a swap a while back. So, I finally found something to make with it! The Waves of Grace scarf! Perfect. I decided it's time to try cables now, being that my dear friend Kate, blessed me with an awesome package that included cable needles!

See the awesome?
As you can see, she blessed me with a lot of other awesome things than just cable needles. BUT, because of that, I decided to try cables. I flipped through some patterns, and decided on the Waves of Grace scarf, because it was deemed the easiest. I followed through rows one and two, and when I got to the cable row, my head exploded. I was confused. So, I asked Vanessa for help, and she put it in simple stupid terms, and the light clicked on. Seriously? That was it? Soon, I was on row 10 before you knew it.

I was reevaluating my work today, just because it didn't look right. So, I asked PJ what she thought. And while I was waiting for her response, I realized I did a cable wrong so I just ripped it all out.

Scout tries to help rip.
PJ says it looks like I'm doing it right, but am I "meaning to knit in the back loop?" Huh? Back loop? WTF? I googled. Yep. I'm knitting "wrong." I've been knitting everything in the back loop this whole time, thinking it was the actual way to knit. *headdesk* SO, I get to learn how to knit all over again. With three numb fingertips, thanks to burning them on a pot last night.
Guess I'm thankful I have plenty of spare time...


  1. I totally spent the first five or so months of my knitting career doing purls wrong so it came out looking similar. I was winding the yarn around the needle backwards (sometimes, if I'm tired, I still can't tell which way is right). No one actually told me I was doing it wrong, so I managed to knit several hats, two jumpers and started on a blanket before I realised what I was doing wrong when watching my sister knit.

    So basically, it could have been worse.

    That is an awesome pattern though - it'll look so good when you're done. And good on you for going for cables so quick - took me ages to build up to them (and they are super easy and look so complicated!)

  2. oh god that sounds painful, the learning to knit bit! Please share the secret of understanding cable patterns!!

  3. My day has been one big fail too, you're so not alone!