24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a nice, peaceful Thanksgiving, my husband and I. It was actually kinda nice with just the two of us. My normal Thanksgiving is a potluck of food and family, scattered everywhere throughout a house, normally about 15-20 of us. This year, we're nowhere close to Georgia, and so we had our own Thanksgiving.

I started out with a slow cooked turkey breast. It was maybe 5lbs at the most. I rubbed it with Lipton's Onion Soup Mix, and threw it in the Crock Pot, high heat for one hour, then low heat for seven hours. Turned out nice, juicy and amazing. I was amused that the turkey breast came with a gravy packet, so much to my husband's liking, I made gravy. Poured in whatever was in the packet, 1/4th cup of the turkey drippings and about a hand full of flour. I don't like gravy, but this was delicious!

Along with turkey, I made my mother's cornbread dressing. I refuse to share the recipe, but I'm very pleased to say it tasted JUST like my mother's. I thought I made it too soupy. Along with that, I made bacon wrapped green beans. They turned out pretty awesome! And then I cheated and used bagged cream corn and the Hawaiian rolls.

The pies turned out amazing. Well, the sweet potato pie could have used about 1/2 cup less sugar, but I still liked it. The pumpkin pie was perfect. And yes, we did end up sampling them yesterday. :)

Overall, a pretty damn good Thanksgiving, giving what happened yesterday...but that's for another post.

I hope everyone else had a fantastic thanksgiving!

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