25 November 2011

NOW Christmas can begin.

For the past few years, basically since I worked retail, I'm not in favor of having anything Christmasy out until AFTER Thanksgiving. Fall decorations are so pretty, why rush putting them away? Though, my Fall decor consists of a wreath, a pumpkin, and pilgrim salt and pepper shakers. My Christmas is a little bit better. Michael's had 4ft pre-lit Christmas trees on sale a few weeks ago, and I was all over that. So, we've got a Christmas tree, a few ornaments, couple of plates, and the newest additon, the wreath I just made!

One of my oldest friends, Allison, repinned this link on Pinterest. Then a few days later, I saw her put the one she made up on Facebook! I was sold. The hardest part about this wreath? Finding a wire coat hanger.
I used 8 of the bigger decorated balls, 11 of the small glittery balls, and about 60 of the red, white and green balls. So, they were correct when the website said about 80. I could have put two more on there, but it was getting hard to close the wire hanger. I bought some ribbon to go with it, but I didn't like how it looked, so I'll use it for something else. I actually recommend this wreath. It was really easy, and cost about $40 to make, but that's because I had to buy a hot glue gun. I'd make another one.


  1. That looks really easy to do AND results in a pretty awesome wreath! I'm definitely hitting up the after-Christmas sales for balls this year!

  2. Oh the Dollar Tree sells bundles of round ornaments! I know what I am making! :)