13 November 2011

Thankya, Jesus.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an awful hankerin' for grits. Not that instant crap that you can pick up at the store. Yeah, it's easier, but it's not worth it. So I used my Google-Fu and finally found some. Sweet Jesus, thank you Anson Mills for existing. As I drooled over the monitor looking at all the yummies they had for sale, I realized they had a four 12oz bag purchase. That's too easy. I pondered over it for about an hour, and chose. WISELY. A week later, I had a box full of deliciousness at my door. The UPS man greeted me with his usual friendly greeting, and it was all I could do but snatch it from him and run. I opened my box with fevered anticipation. I pulled the bags out one by one and the smile on my face got bigger and bigger.

It was pretty much Christmas for this Southern girl. Bless my soul, stone ground white and blue grits, two different textures of cornmeal and Sea Island Red Peas. I excitedly placed them in the freezer and began my wait for my husband to return from the field. I mean, I can't not share these. After two long weeks, and several horrible distractions, I decided that tonight was the night, for grits. I've never cooked these bad boys before, as my dear, sweet, loving mother had always done it. So I called her in the middle of her dinner for instructions. 4 to 1 ratio? But play with them? 'Bout 30 minutes? Okie dokie.
Being that there's only two of us, in a small sauce pan, I put 1/2 cup of grits, and 2 1/2 cups of water and brought it to a boil on medium heat, (5-7 minutes), while stirring constantly.
After that, I reduced my heat as low as I could go, and brought some water to boil in my kettle. I'd stir about every two minutes or so, and would add water when they'd get too thick. I added a tablespoon of butter, threw a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper in, added a little more water, and that was it. I think total time was 30 minutes. I think they could have used about 10 minutes more, but I was hungry and don't mind a bit of chewy texture. And delicious they were! Served enough for my husband and I and probably enough for one more person. Or seconds.  Or breakfast the next morning for one.
These seriously hit the spot. Hopefully this week, I'll try out the Red Peas and make some cornbread!

Now if only I could find some Purple Hull peas and Butter Beans...


  1. I finally placed my order tonight! Thanks for the recipe, I'm excited to try it!

  2. I'm kinda curious if I would notice the difference. I load so much butter and black pepper on my grits I'm surprised they taste like anything else. XD;;

    Hawaii didn't know grits so B got an (instant) introduction. Approval, noms.