04 December 2011


There's some quote art going around Pinterest that says something like "Asking me what camera I use, is like asking you which oven you made that pie in." I can't seem to find it, but I'd just like to say, horseshit. If your oven doesn't heat up to the right temperature, or it burns everything, or even only half of it heats up, that'll effect your pie. So, while, in a perfectly functioning oven, your pie would be delicious, but in a shotty one, it would possibly be burnt or undercooked. Same with cameras. With a very basic point and shoot, you can get great shots, but with a more advanced camera, your percentage of fantastic shots every time goes up. Don't get me wrong, I have taken some amazing shots with my Casio Exilim. But, it just can't get some of the shots I want. Which is why I upgraded. My very loving, sweet, caring husband got me a Canon Rebel T2i with the 18-55mm (basic kit lens) and a 75-300mm lens for Christmas. I am so overly thrilled, you don't know. Already, my photography has improved, just because of the things this camera can do. I WILL SHOW YOU.

 Okay, so that one's not the greatest, but I just wanted to show off my chocolate truffles. So far, in the box has been, mint, chocolate, cinnamon, and I have one more to go.

That's my husband intensely watching the game and ignoring me. I love his freckles. And his eyes. And the fact that he let me stick the camera lens in his face.

And lastly, Scout. Scout loves the camera. I have so many great pictures of her, it's not funny. Now, Winnie on the other hand? Cat likes to run.

Basically, my point of this post (besides the fact to brag that I have an awesome new camera) is as every hobby, the most important thing to have is good tools and passion.


  1. I actually agree with you. I mean it can be insulting when someone says 'your camera takes great pictures!' because there is still an amount of skill required in getting great shots. But the difference in photos from a P&S and an SLR is totally noticeable.

    also, your cat, I love her.

  2. hehe I love the pic of your husband- his eyes are awesome in the shot!!

    also I agree!! I need to know what cameras people use so I can google them and drool knowing that I can't hold a kodak disposable camera without shaking so there is no chance I will get a big heavy one working!!! haha

    your kitty looks so sweet- you have a great eye!