05 December 2011

Finished Presents

This year, I'm feeling kind and knitting my close friends and family Christmas gifts. Actually, only those who would appreciate it. Anywho, I've finally finished some, mailed them and the intended recipients have received them! Therefore, I can show them off, like a kid pinning their artwork to the fridge.

First off, my first pair of mitts ever, modeled by the most awesome PJ.

Sporting these mitts, with her lovely Tetris mug, these are the Peekaboo Mitts pattern. I almost kept these for myself, they're so very comfy. I'm seriously going to make myself a pair. Make them. DO IT NAO.

Next on the list, is a present that's been long awaited. Ever since I discovered Ravelry and Firefly, I was determined to make a Jayne hat. And since I made the above mitts and realized that knitting in the round wasn't that hard, I figured, what the hell? I present to you, a Jayne hat.

Such a wonderful cell phone shot. This was made for Emily, a damn good friend since like 1889. She's quite obsessed with Jayne Cobb (she has a cat named Jayne) and I was damn determined to make her one when I figured out how to knit. And so I did. I also sent with her a blanket that I've been working on for her since July 2008. I have since then become allergic to the yarn (stupid cashmere) so I had to finish up the edging before I sneezed myself to death. I sent that along with the hat.

I have to say, if I make this blanket it again, it'll be in the bulkiest yarn I can find.

I have one more present finished, but that won't be shown off until after Christmas. Along with that, I have three more to finish and then I'm done. Then I'll be knitting stuff for ME. ME. ME. ME. Oh, and a boob hat for another worthy friend in February.

Oh! And I guess this qualifies for this entry also. Tonight there's a wife coffee, complete with ornament swap, so I whipped this baby up real quick:

A giant snowflake on my tiny Christmas tree. It came out larger than I thought it would, but if you had something other than my 4ft tree, or possibly even in a window, it'll look fantastic!
Keep a look out for more presents as they are received. :)


  1. Was the star blanket hard? I want to make one!

  2. I love all these!!! The little snowflake and the mitts are AWESOME! (I might need to commission a pair from you ... after the holidays.)

  3. I LOVE love love the mitts! I think I need a pair.
    Also, the feeling is creeping up on me slowly, but you make me want to knit. Maybe.