24 January 2012

Excitement all around!

Yesterday, I got an exciting message on my facebook, from my friend JG to go check out her blog, Me and My SoliderMan. I obliged her, and so glad I did! I won her free blog layout contest! YAY. So, in the near future, you will see my blog with a shiny new layout! I cannot thank JG enough! (and my luck!)

Though, the best news I've heard in a while, I got today. After feeling super queasy this morning (no, I'm not knocked up, MOM.) I finally got up in enough time to go to my physical therapy appointment. Glad I did. After evaluating me, it turns out, all the problems stem from my hips, aka, the tilted pelvis. They're why I'm crooked and why I've got scoliosis. And then he said it, "We may be able to reverse your scoliosis." I almost cried I was so happy! But, I kept my composure and asked what we needed to do. I'm to go to therapy twice a week, to build back and ab muscles. I'm down with this. I can do this. I WILL DO THIS. I also learned that I have hypermobility.  Uh, well, THAT explains a whole lot. Except, I can't touch my toes. wtf. I'm so excited, y'all. To be able to get up and move like I could as a kid? Simply amazing.

And for your time:

That baby will be arriving at my house tomorrow. Along with a POD full of more stuff. *squee*!


  1. WOOT! Sounds like you're winning at life!

  2. Holy crap I have to come see that machine when it gets here! Congrats on the win, congrats on the PT, and yay all around!