21 January 2012

I'm so much more awesome now.

As stated in one of my previous posts, I started taking belly dance classes. I've only been to two, but they're so much fun. The last class, one of the ladies from a club I'm a part of joined us, and convinced our instructor, Salem (and a few of the girls) to give a demonstration at our luncheon the next day. What? Me too? But I've only been to two classes! I can just dance in the chorus? Yeah, okay.

Salem, our instructor, and all around belly dancing bad ass.

Thursday arrives. Quite a few of the girls that said they'd come aren't able to. There's just four of us. I have to do what everyone else does. Well, it can't be that hard, right? RIGHT?!

After getting gussied up in belly dancer wear, Charla, my friend who is also in the class with me, we go to our table to greet our friend and eat lunch. It took all of them a minute to figure out who the hell I was, and why was she at the table. Well, in their defense, I wasn't wearing my glasses, and I now have bangs. Hilarious. Anywho, lunch was decent, I'm still trying to figure out how candied carrots and lasagna go well together. THEN IT WAS TIME TO DANCE.
Pretty arms!

I wheezed, removed shoes, stripped of my wrap, and headed out. Once I got over the initial panic, I had so much freakin' fun. We did a couple of slow dances first, to get the the observers to catch some interest.

The snowman joined us.

 And then Salem, when out there and shook her stuff. Let's just say, that inspired me to get better.


And then every one joined us for some basic lessons!

I think we're moving boobs and hips at this point.

I'd like to think people had fun. I was hiding in the back, trying to help the people that were hiding in the back learn. It was a little hard,  because I couldn't see what Salem was doing in the front, and some of this, we (or I) hadn't gone over before. But, we got the hang of it, and soon, everyone tuckered out. Then, much to my surprise (or not being able to remember) we were going to do a FAST routine, as one last hurrah. Oh, crap.


And then, that was it. It was over. I only screwed up once, but it's all good. I had an immense amount of fun, and it has inspired me. I've also noticed that while it does make my back hurt the day afterwards, I'm feeling a little bit more confident, and I find I have more energy on those days. I'm going to keep doing it! And possibly, show my stomach one day. (It's not that I'm embarrassed by it, I've never really liked showing my stomach. Oh, shyness. One day you'll go away.)

Also, all pictures are from John Whalen. Please visit his site for awesome things and his facebook page for more photos I didn't feel like posting!


  1. What style of belly dancing are you doing?

  2. Inquiring minds want to know, how much did you make in tips?? :P