04 January 2012


I've been experimenting with some new recipies in the kitchen, and figured I'd share the deliciousness with you, in just one mass post.

First off, we have my family's traditional black eyed peas & sausage, and then mini-ham and cheese muffins.

Oh yes. Yes it was delicious. If anyone wants the recipes, post a comment and I'll post it up.

Next, we have some delicious Honey Beer Bread I found on pinterest:

It's super delicious! I used Woodchuck Spring edition beer, and some local raw honey. This was really, really easy to make.

And next, we have JFK's waffles that I made for dinner tonight.

My husband was skeptical at first, but then he told me "you've messed up...you have to make these EVERY MORNING NOW." ...right. I'll get right on that. Nevertheless, that means he likes them. Though, I won't lie. This was my first time using a waffle maker since the 90s.

Um. Oops. Yeah, I quickly fixed that mistake. And the fact that it says "non-stick." LIES. Ah well, I fixed it.


  1. I love waffles! and yes, I would like the black eyed peas and muffins recipe. :)

  2. Hahaha! Yeah, ours says "non-stick" too but we still have to spray it every time! We haven't had waffles in FOREVER! Now I need to look those up!