15 January 2012


I've been nudged to update my blog.  Has it been two weeks since I updated last? Yikes! Well, since then, I've:

- Celebrated a birthday! According to my facebook, I turned 90 this year. I delightfully share with Elvis, David Bowie, Graham Chapman, Stephen Hawking, Terry Brooks, Sean Paul, Kim Jong-un, R. Kelly, and a bunch others.

- Traded a skein of yarn for a Kindle from the delightful Vanessa. I'm still in shock. Also, I've joined the 21st century.  When I finish my book club book, I'll let you know if I like it or not.

- Made and ate an omelet for the first time in my life. (That I can remember.) It involved 2 eggs, 2 tbsp water, 1/4 cup diced ham, and 1/4 cup chopped raw spinach. NO CHEESE. (I cannot eat cheese and eggs together. UGH) It was amazingly delicious!

(The brown bits are from butter)

- Joined a belly dancing class, which I've discovered the ballet that's been ingrained into my head doesn't really help. Even though I look like person who has no joints while doing it, I find it fun. 

- Had my scoliosis re-evaluated.  I learned my senior year in high school that I had it, and then I was only told to "watch it." After that, I never really bothered with it. A couple of months ago, it really started screwing with me. So,  I finally figured out how this military health care works, and have started "fixing" it. I'll probably never have a straight spine again, but I'm going to go to Physical therapy for it. For those curious, I have an 8% curve, which affects my L2-L3 vertebra in the lumbar section of my spine, that curves to my right, making a "c" shape. I also have a tilted pelvis, along with one hip being higher than the other. I'm just all sorts of screwed up. 

- Finally got more thread to finish my baby record cross-stitch I've been working on FOREVER.  I contacted Plaid (the company who makes it) and I got a message back giving me the DMC thread conversion chart. I tried to go to the local Hobby Lobby and match it, but the colors just weren't matching it properly for me. So, I took my weekly 40% off coupon and just bought a whole 'nother kit. Since then, I've been working my ass off on it. I have the top right corner finished, and currently working on the top left. I just need to finish the "paper" part of it, and I can move on to the next corner.

- Watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey. SCANDALOUS.

- I've also been reading. I'm currently reading The Help and How to Be An American Housewife. Both are really good thus far.

-And lastly, last night, I stuck our last turkey breast in the Crock Pot last night, steamed some broccoli, and made the corn casserole from my sister in law (I can say that now!) that everyone raved about at Thanksgiving. Oh my, I can see why!

Look how pretty!
This is so simple to make, and delicious to boot!

Corn Casserole!
1 box of Jiffy mix
8oz of sour cream
1 can of whole kernel corn (undrained)
1 can of cream corn
1 stick of melted butter

Heat oven to 350ºF.

In a large bowl, mix everything together well. Pour into a 2qt baking dish. Bake for an hour. Let cool for about five minutes; serve.

See how easy? Yeah, I thought so.

Hopefully, I'll have something interesting to update about soon, and not wait another two weeks. :)


  1. Sounds like a productive couple of weeks. How do you like your Kindle?

  2. That sounds like an awesome trade (Kindle for yarn) and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying The Help (which book club read last year ... LOVED IT) and our current book! I'm also going to try your corn dish! :)