11 February 2012

Adventure to the Quilt show!

Our "Blissful Stitchers" group here at Fort Bliss went on a field trip this Friday to a quilt show in Las Cruses, NM. It was fun! There were LOADS of beautiful quilts. About halfway through the show, I realized I could take pictures, so here's some of my favorites. (click to enlarge)

This was one of the quilts in the vendor's area. The color is not shown properly on the computer! It's amazing! And only about 75% done.

This is possibly my favorite one. The animals look like they've been made as if they were origami, and the stitching on where the letters are? It's in the form of the letter! I was blow away by this quilt. The color scheme is not to my preference, but it's still amazing.

Sorry for the crap quality
This one is equally amazing, just for the detail and the color. It was just breathtaking.

Move, Charla! ;)
This was my favorite scrap quilt. Once again, I just love color. Plus, it looks like something I could do! I'm sad that none of the ones I loved were for sale. Though, that being said, I don't think I could afford them.

Along with quilts being there, there were some vendors. They were catered to quilters (duh) but I enjoyed looking at the patterns and materials. I did buy one thing. It's a panel that looks like a vintage Fort Bliss Postcard. It's pretty cool! I thought it'd make for a nice wall hanging for my first quilted project.

Afterwards, we went to go eat at a delicious local restaurant called Medina Valley Kitchen. Man, they make a delicious bacon cheeseburger, then one last stop with the group at the Bernina store. Fabric heaven. I got some awesome Moda fabric I'm planning on making something out of. Possibly a sundress. I also found a long time search that is going to be my mother's birthday present. After we were done, the rest of the group left, and Charla and I went on more shopping adventures, which involved all things crafty. To which I will update about eventually.

As for me, in the next three weeks, I will become a hermit that only leaves the house for physical therapy, belly dancing and stitching. Possibly a few other things, if my social meter is low. Perhaps I'll have more crafty things to post soon. Including a belly dance costume.

One last thing...how's the new layout? :D


  1. Looks like Bennett and I missed out on an AWESOME day! I love all the quilt pictures and Mesilla Valley Kitchen is a favorite ... YUM-O!

    Also, feel free to come over any afternoon for a little adult conversation (or baby gibber-gabber) for the next three weeks!

  2. LOOOOOVE the new layout! And if you ever feel like not being a hermit, let me know. I'll be dying to make dinner for more than just me.

  3. I loves the layout! Also, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who thinks of my needs as if I was playing the Sims.

  4. Ha, you should have told me to move! It was a fun day, and I stayed in most of the weekend. Mask is almost finished!