14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Out of six years of being together, I think Brian and I have possibly spent two or three Valentine's days together? It doesn't bother me, mainly, because I'm not a romantic. I normally get him a six pack of the Reese's hearts, and some sort of silly card, and then we'll go to dinner. Just because. But, no flowers, no jewelry, nada. I'm just not that kind of girl! But this year, is one of those years that he's not around. So, I picked out my Valentine's day present in advanced. He okayed it, and about an hour ago, I went to go pick it up. I've never been this excited about a box of vegetables.

Awww yeeeah booooyyyyyeee!
 Charla was talking about this farm that delivers boxes full of veggies and fruits, and it costs about the same that you can get from the grocery store. What? How interesting! So, I figured, why the hell not? I prefer supporting the little guy. That little guy is Skarsgard Farms, an organic farm in New Mexico. Frankly, I don't give a crap that it's organic. I mean, it's an added bonus, but I prefer supporting the little guy, because I know what it's like. My dad owns his own store, and has for the past 25 years now. And because of that, it's close to my heart, so I try to support the mom and pop stores whenever possible.

 So here's how it works, you get an option of three size boxes, and you can choose from their crop that week of what you want in it! The small harvest box, which is what I got, you get 8 options for $24. Not too bad. I normally spend that much on veggies and what not at Albertson's.  They also have side options, like meats, milk, baked goods, etc. Here's what I got:

Please don't look at the crap in the background, I'm still unpacking.

- spinach
- arugula
- sugar snap peas
- potatoes
- sweet potatoes
- carrots
- apples
- biggest damn onions I've ever seen

No lie on the onions. Lookit!

What the crap am I going to do with all of that onion?! At least I like onions.

So, there's my box. I plan on getting more and I'm very excited about this box. I'm just sad Brian's not here to share it with me.

Hope everyone's Valentine's are as great as mine!

P.S. I've got my new sewing machine running. Look for a post on it, soon!

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  1. Yay! I will be picking one up next week. I have it set for every other week at the moment. Gotta get used to using up the fruits and veggies.