28 March 2012

[insert creative title here]

Remember about two weeks ago I was doing spring cleaning before the Spring Equinox on the 20th? I was blowing through my house at 110% and then my body decided it didn't want to function anymore. And all I had was one room left. My room. It's still destroyed today. Looking around it gives me a little anxiety, but I know, if I can survive the rest of this week, I can do it. So, I'm very pleased to say as long as I close my door, my house is open to visitors. (Pending antisocial tendencies) I'll tackle this next week.

One of the reasons that I stopped, was because on Thursday, I woke up in an immense amount of pain, and I couldn't breathe. I thought I couldn't breathe, because I was in pain. I dug around for a Advil, took it, and waited. About the time I was supposed to be getting ready for the luncheon, I wasn't feeling too hot, I still couldn't breathe properly and so I called Mom. Mom told me to call the Call-A-Nurse thing. Call-A-Nurse told me to go to the hospital. (Like I thought. Problems breathing? ER time.) So, I very calmly called my husband and asked him to take me to the ER. Four hours in the waiting room, six hours total, I'm diagnosed "has allergies." But, informally, I'm calling it "Seasonal Asthma." One thing I didn't know before moving to El Paso? It has a windy season, which involves dust, dirt, and trash flying EVERYHERE. My lungs did not approve. So, I now have an inhaler, and am waiting for my appointment to go get my lungs checked out. My nerd level just went up 20 points. I'm doing fine. I just wish El Paso would stop trying to kill me.

Which brings me to my next announcement. Calvary Units do this tradition called a "Spur Ride." It's not known when this tradition started (or I'm just not googling properly) but modern day Spur Rides involve different strenuous events that soldiers go through to prove that they are worthy of earning spurs. And then everybody gets dressed up and goes and gets drunk. For a more comprehensive and more detailed explanation, have a Wiki page. 
LONG STORY SHORT. Because the Army is more family oriented now, or something there's a spouse spur ride for our unit. I have no idea what's involved, but damn if I don't want to earn my very own pair of spurs. I'm not going to lie. I'm very excited. Ideally, I'd like to kick everyone's ass in this competition, but then I look back at my health record and laugh. So, basically, I'm going to attempt to do my best.

Oh, and here's a picture just for the hell of it.

26 March 2012

Husband's Newest Hobby.

For the past month or so, I've been watching the cats flee about the house in terror, all by being chased by an RC Car. I dare not say "Toy Car" because it's not. Even though my husband giggles like a little kid the whole time while playing with it, chasing cars down the road, impressing the neighborhood kids, me rolling my eyes. The usual. Why is it not a toy car? Well, mainly because you can't just go pick it up at the local Wally World and it costs about $250. Yeah. I just said that. This is his new Pride and Joy:

Okay, I'm being lazy and don't want to go take a picture of it. This is from the website, and it's the Nissan GT-R. (Only way he'll get one.) If you click on the link, you can learn ALL about it. Because, I'm sure, most of you want to know. ;)

Now, first and foremost, Brian is a car guy. He loves working on cars, tearing them apart building them up, spending a whole Christmas installing an engine (*grumble*), customizing, etc. etc. And right now, we don't really have the place, the extra dough, or the need for a "spare car." So, this is his current outlet. You can customize this car through various means, tires, shocks, batteries, etc. It's actually pretty cool. The little bastard can reach about 35-40 mph, I think. He was giggling so hard, I couldn't tell what he was saying.

Anywho, along with any expensive hobby, there comes a need to show it off. Here in El Paso, there's a local hobby shop, Hal's Hobby Warehouse, that has two tracks for these cars. A dirt one, and a "street" one. The dirt one's way more fun to watch. So, this past Saturday, we went and watched a race.

(Did you know you can click on these to make them bigger?)

AND THEY'RE OFF. Crashing into each other, of course. The people on the track are not driving the cars, but they pick them up when the cars flip over and get stuck.

It's seriously amusing to watch these little cars going around this track. What's even more funny are the super serious people racing them. They'll freak out if you don't flip their car over fast enough.

This is my favorite jump. I love watching them fly over and crash at the bottom. It's like a tiny demolition derby to me. I mean, how can you go wrong with free entertainment? Plus, it makes the husband happy, and he normally takes me where I want to go afterwards. So, it's a win-win!

If I can only remember to bring sunscreen...

13 March 2012

De colores!

I got in my mailbox yesterday a package from Amazon. I needed to plop in $5 more bucks before free shipping, so I prodded through Amazon until I found something worth buying. DSLR filters. No, I didn't need them, but I figured they'd be fun. And for $8, why not?

So, the peach tree and I had a little test shoot.

UV filter

PLD filter

CPL filter
The UV filter is going to stay on my camera at all times, mainly, because I tend to scratch things easily, and it'll help protect it. Though, by far, the CPL filter is my favorite of the three.

Be prepared for a "Hey I sewed stuff" post. Spring cleaning is still going strong.

11 March 2012

Spring Cleaning 2012!

Spring cleaning has begun! I know the Equinox isn't until the 20th, but I've decided to have the house mostly done by then. That way, I can enjoy the outdoors a bit more. Possibly, without sneezing or being blown away. I also may or may not have a group of people coming over to my house.

I'm starting room by room. I'm staring by cleaning "out." My husband and I share our 7ftx3ft master closet. (This house is horribly designed) My "stuff" took up 2/3rds of that closet. As of today, it's only a half. I have a 20 gallon trash bag worth of clothes and shoes that I'm going to donate. They either didn't fit, I don't wear them, or they're too "young." (Yes, I still have some of my wardrobe from high school.) I'm pleased with that. I'm going to attempt to pedal my wears at Plato's Closet first and see if I can make any money off of the newer stuff, and then donating the rest.

I've also cleaned out our bedroom, and now under the bed is very nicely lined with Space Bags. Oh Space Bags, for the minimalist hoarder. How I love thee. I'd accumulated mass amount of blankets and sheets from my inheritance from my grandmother, and we move a lot, so I figured, why get rid of perfectly good "moving" blankets? Into the space bag they go.

Along with that, I've tackled the bathroom. All my towels have a place now in my cabinet, my make up is in order, cleaning supplies together, medicine in one basket, first aid in another. Done. I'm very pleased.

The only things left to do, are cleaning and vacuuming and the master "suite" will be finished.

And it's only 3:25pm. What else will I conquer (while I still have energy) today?

05 March 2012

You knit me right round, baby, right round, like a sweater baby...

Oh, what a terribly punny headline there. I just crack myself up. Anywho, for the past two and a half weeks, I've been monogamous with my knitting WIPs. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm knitting a sweater. Not just any sweater, but the O w l s sweater.

Picture from the pattern designer's website, as linked above.
How adorable is that?! I've been drooling over this sweater since 2009, when I realized that I could browse knitting patterns on Ravelry. Possibly before that. I'll never know. And since I took on learning to knit last year, I decided that it's time for me to knit a sweater. It's going so wonderfully well right now. Lookit!

Okay, so that's not the world's best picture, the color's actually a little darker, but I don't care. That is 11½ glorious inches of sweater, that I knitted. *beams*  It's going along so nicely. I'm using Dream in Color's Groovy in the colorway of Torchwood. It is a deliciously chunky yarn, and glides so smoothly over my hand. Most importantly? It doesn't make me itchy. I have about 4-8 more inches to knit, depending on how long I want it, before I make any drastic changes, other than just knitting in the round. I'm so excited y'all. Hopefully, I'll have a finished product here in the near future.

03 March 2012

BEEF. It's what's for dinner.

Last month, I didn't see my husband for most of it. I honestly think I saw him for four days. Mainly, due to me being in California, and him "pretending" to be Border Patrol for most of it. I asked him how the mission was, "Hopefully, not again anytime soon." Well, okay then. Anywho, he's back, and I couldn't be more pleased. To celebrate, I was planning on making him a delicious dinner. When I picked him up on the first day, he was starving, so we just picked something up to take home. So I planned on Thursday. Nope. Typical Army "just kidding, you don't get your husband back." *sigh* Fine. Friday rolls around. What's that? I can finally make him his "welcome home" dinner?! Excellent. AND IT WAS GOOD.

Now you know why I got the Filet Mignon. To be honest, I've cooked steak ONCE in my life, and it was on a grill. So, I decided to do something a little different, thanks to a pin I found on Pinterest. Restaurant Style, it says. I adapted this to my own needs. I used 1/2 a cup of butter, and Penzey's Chicago Steak Seasoning, and that's it. I rubbed my steaks down with the seasoning, and threw them in the melted butter, 2 minutes on each side. While they were searing, I spooned butter ontop.

Then, I put them in the 400°F oven, while still in the skillet, and baked them for 10 minutes, flipping them over at the five minute mark. Turned out beautiful. I wanted them to be medium, but they were more than medium and less than medium well. But, they were still amazing.

Oh, baby yes.

With them, I chopped up the broccoli that came in the same box , and steamed it. (Cheese on it for Brian's) and then my new favorite mashed potatoes, introduced to me by JG. Holy crap, creamed cheese in mashed potatoes is AMAZING. I believe she said she got it from Pioneer Woman, because that's where I found it when I looked it up afterwards, after forgetting her directions. (oops.) Creamy Mashed Potatoes. I only had three pounds of potatoes, so I used half a bar (stick?) of cream cheese. I also only used two tablespons of butter, and used milk. I'm not sure how much milk I used, just because I'd put splashes in there when I thought I needed it. Though, I did put seasoned salt. Mmmm. Brian was super impressed. He added bacon and cheese which just made them sinful. 

Overall I was very pleased with my "welcome home" dinner. And Brian was very pleased. Which, in the end, was my wanted result. On a happy note, I still have a pound of filet mignon left. 

Hopefully, I'll get some blueberries soon. My brother has given me a recipe and DEMANDED that I make them. Don't worry. I'll give you the recipe directions EXACTLY as he gave them to me.