28 March 2012

[insert creative title here]

Remember about two weeks ago I was doing spring cleaning before the Spring Equinox on the 20th? I was blowing through my house at 110% and then my body decided it didn't want to function anymore. And all I had was one room left. My room. It's still destroyed today. Looking around it gives me a little anxiety, but I know, if I can survive the rest of this week, I can do it. So, I'm very pleased to say as long as I close my door, my house is open to visitors. (Pending antisocial tendencies) I'll tackle this next week.

One of the reasons that I stopped, was because on Thursday, I woke up in an immense amount of pain, and I couldn't breathe. I thought I couldn't breathe, because I was in pain. I dug around for a Advil, took it, and waited. About the time I was supposed to be getting ready for the luncheon, I wasn't feeling too hot, I still couldn't breathe properly and so I called Mom. Mom told me to call the Call-A-Nurse thing. Call-A-Nurse told me to go to the hospital. (Like I thought. Problems breathing? ER time.) So, I very calmly called my husband and asked him to take me to the ER. Four hours in the waiting room, six hours total, I'm diagnosed "has allergies." But, informally, I'm calling it "Seasonal Asthma." One thing I didn't know before moving to El Paso? It has a windy season, which involves dust, dirt, and trash flying EVERYHERE. My lungs did not approve. So, I now have an inhaler, and am waiting for my appointment to go get my lungs checked out. My nerd level just went up 20 points. I'm doing fine. I just wish El Paso would stop trying to kill me.

Which brings me to my next announcement. Calvary Units do this tradition called a "Spur Ride." It's not known when this tradition started (or I'm just not googling properly) but modern day Spur Rides involve different strenuous events that soldiers go through to prove that they are worthy of earning spurs. And then everybody gets dressed up and goes and gets drunk. For a more comprehensive and more detailed explanation, have a Wiki page. 
LONG STORY SHORT. Because the Army is more family oriented now, or something there's a spouse spur ride for our unit. I have no idea what's involved, but damn if I don't want to earn my very own pair of spurs. I'm not going to lie. I'm very excited. Ideally, I'd like to kick everyone's ass in this competition, but then I look back at my health record and laugh. So, basically, I'm going to attempt to do my best.

Oh, and here's a picture just for the hell of it.


  1. First of all, that gif....high-larious!

    And we happened to be in squadron HQ today and saw the schedule for the spur ride. I'll give you the details later but it should be FUN! I'll have my spurs before SoldierMan! :)

    1. That's my happy gif. When I feel sad, I just click on it and it makes everything better for a while.

      Oooh. You have to tell me everything you know. I MUST KNOW THE SECRETS. And I love that you'll have yours before your SoldierMan. Mine already has his. :P

    2. SoldierMan hasn't had the chance to go on a spur ride yet. The only one they've done since we've been here, he had to work.

  2. My dear Mrs. McHugh was a Cav wife for years. She has a special place to hang his stetson by the front door. In fact, I think they used to be in your unit. Just ask her about Blackhawks someday. She'll never stop talking :) But anywho, she would love to tell y'all about spur rides. And I think Bobbi has done one before as well.

    Over here in ADA land we just suck. Yeah.

  3. haha great picture. hope you're feeling better.

    Maybe this willhelp: I've given you a bloggie award :D http://omlair.blogspot.com/2012/04/oh-stop-it-you.html